Inspired by Japanese Soji screens, innovative Panel Track Shades offer a contemporary alternative to vertical blinds for patio doors and large windows & spaces. Available in a vast choice of fabrics and natural woven materials, panel track shades coordinate beautifully with other categories of blinds and shades.

Panel tracks are the contemporary replacement for verticals

Vertical Alternative

Contemporary replacement for vertical blinds
Panel tracks are available in roller,sunweave,and woven fabrics

Variety of Fabrics

Available in roller, sun-weaved, and woven wood fabrics
Panel track options include valance, opening type, edge binding and more


Options include valance, edge binding, opening type, and more

The Panel Track Blinds Collection

Fabric Panel tracks

Key Features

  • Bold vibrant colors
  • Modern elegant textures
  • Available in solar material
Polyester Material
$$$$ Price

67 Colors

  • Barcelona Creme Brulle Fabric Panel Tracks
  • Barcelone White Mocha Fabric Panel Tracks
  • Barcelona Hazelnut Fabric Panel Tracks
  • Barcelona Java Fabric Panel Tracks
  • Sateen Chili Pepper Fabric Panel Tracks
  • Devon Royal Blue Fabric Panel Tracks
  • Cameo Dark Grey Fabric Panel Tracks
Gray fabric for this custom panel track, leather black chairs, along with a pop of red dinnerware makes an elegant and bold statement in this dining room

Woven Wood Panel Tracks

Key Features

  • Versatile neutral colors
  • Made from bamboo jute & reeds
  • Ability to add a liner
Jute & Reeds Material
$$$$ Price

16 Colors

  • Aruba Pearl Woven Wood Panel Tracks
  • Trinidad Cafe Woven Wood Panel Tracks
  • Trinidad Cocoa Woven Wood Panel Tracks
  • Fiji Woven Wood Panel Tracks
  • Ibiza Cocoa Woven Wood Panel Tracks
  • Cozumel Ginger Woven Wood Panel Tracks
  • Key West Dark Woven Wood Panel Tracks
Custom woven wood panel track compliments the dining room furniture



Panel Tracks FAQ

What are the advantages of Panel Tracks?

Our panel tracks were inspired by Jajanese soji screens and come with many advantages. They offer a soft look similar to curtains but function like a blind. They are a great alternative to vertical blinds.

Can Panel Tracks be used as a room divider?

Yes, panel tracks can be used as a room divider. Besides going on a sliding door or window, panel tracks can be used to divide rooms, hide shelving, and close of work space.

What are the width of the fabric panels on the Panel Tracks?

The panel width is going to be 22” on all C/O and most O/W panel tracks. All O/W opening panel tracks with a width over 105 3/8” will have 30” for the panels width.