Fabric verticals offers a soft look for any room and is great for large windows and patio doors.

Fabric Vertical Blinds

Our Fabric Verticals add a modern flare to a reliable classic. They come in numerous colors, textures and designs. The fabrics are also available in other categories of our products (Roller, Roman, and Pleated) so you can coordinate your rooms with ease. Verticals are also perfect for patio doors, large windows, and commercial spaces. They can also be used as space dividers

No need for curtains. Our custom fabric verticals has elegant designs and colors for a finished look


Our fabric verticals give you a curtain, drape look with modern functionality
Fabric Verticals are recommended for large size windows or sliding doors

Covers Large Spaces

ideal for doors and large windows that you want to give a soft finished look
Our fabric vertical blinds comes in a large selection of styles, colors, and textures.

Large Color Selection

Over 10 styles with our finest fabrics

The Fabric Vertical Blinds Collection


Key Features

  • 3 versatile styles
  • Durabile & easy to clean
  • Budget friendly
Vinyl Material
$$ Price

6 Colors

  • Vista White Fabric Vertical Blinds
  • Vista Cream Fabric Vertical Blinds
  • Satara Decorators White Fabric Vertical Blinds
  • Satara White Down Fabric Vertical Blinds
  • Satara Carlisle Cream Fabric Vertical Blinds
  • Satara Hideaway Fabric Vertical Blinds
Fabric Vertical blinds in the breakfast nook allows you to control how much privacy and  light coming in.


Key Features

  • Bold vibrant colors
  • Modern elegant textures
  • Durabile & easy to clean
Vinyl Material
$$ Price

12 Colors

  • Sophie Barley Fabric Vertical Blinds
  • Sophie Oatmeal Fabric Vertical Blind
  • Linen Shadow White Fabric Vertical Blind
  • Linen Sand Fabric Vertical Blind
  • Linen Moss Fabric Vertical Blind
  • Linel Chamoix Fabric Vertical Blind
  • Linen Auburn Fabric Vertical Blind
The warm color of our fabric vertical blinds ties in well with a pale yellow wall and white molding.


Key Features

  • Bold beautiful designs
  • Modern & formal patterns
  • Wide variety of colors
Vinyl Material
$$$$ Price

17 Colors

  • Versailles Almond Fabric Vertical Blinds
  • Versailles Ochre Fabric Vertical Blind
  • Versailles Cocoa Fabric Vertical Blind
  • Macrame Latte Fabric Vertical Blind
  • Macrame Ginger Fabric Vertical Blind
  • Foliage Pistachio Fabric Vertical Blind
  • Foliage Molasses Fabric Vertical Blind
Designer vertical fabric in a gray color on a sliding glass door.