A beautiful blend of colors, light gray walls with dark brown vinyl verticals and a pop of color for the pillows in a living room

Vinyl Vertical Blinds

Our vinyl vertical blinds are a reliable classic that offers a simple and affordable solution for any space in your home. These vertical blinds come in numerous colors/options and they are very easy to use and maintain. Vertical blinds are also perfect for patio doors, large windows, and commercial spaces. They can also be used as a space divider.

Our custom vinyl verticals comes in a large selection of styles, colors, and textures.

Large Color Selection

Over 20 styles with our boldest color
Vinyl verticals are easy to clean and maintain

Low Maintenance

Easy to clean and maintain
Our Vinyl verticals have customized opening to fit any needs perfectly

4 Opening Types

Ability to customize the opening to fit you needs perfectly

The Vinyl Vertical Blinds Collection


Key Features

  • 3 versatile styles
  • Durabile & easy to clean
  • Budget friendly
Vinyl Material
$ Price

14 Colors

  • Primo Silk Vertical Vinyl Blinds
  • Primo Shell Vertical Vinyl Blinds
  • Adobe Natural Vertical Vinyl Blinds
  • Adobe Little Falls Vertical Vinyl Blinds
  • Adobe Ocean Vertical Vinyl Blinds
  • Adobe Coconut Vertical Vinyl Blinds
  • Adobe Sunset Vertical Vinyl Blinds
White vinyl vertical blinds with lavender walls provides a charming contrast


Key Features

  • Bold vibrant colors
  • Modern elegant textures
  • Durabile & easy to clean
Vinyl Material
$$ Price

21 Colors

  • Surah Decorators White Vertical Vinyl Blinds
  • Lille Beige Vertical Vinyl Blinds
  • Surah Beige Vertical Vinyl Blinds
  • Marabella Khaki Vertical Vinyl Blinds
  • Silk Sand Vertical Vinyl Blinds
  • Silk Charcoal Vertical Vinyl Blinds
  • Silk Onyx Vertical Vinyl Blinds
The soft style of Surah vertical vinyl blends well with the chic and neutral colors for this bedroom design

S Shape Vanes

Key Features

  • 6 sophisticated S-Shaped styles
  • Classic elegant designs
  • Large color selection
Vinyl Material
$$ Price

21 Colors

  • Surah S Capri Coast White Vertical Vinyl Blinds
  • Surah S Beige Vertical Vinyl Blinds
  • Surah S Baja Dunes Vertical Vinyl Blinds
  • Broadway S Cloud Vertical Vinyl Blinds
  • Soho S Brown Vertical Vinyl Blinds
  • Martinique S Cream Vertical Vinyl Blinds
  • Martinique S Bronze Vertical Vinyl Blinds
The S-shape vertical blinds vanes offers the soft look of curtains but with the low maintenance of vinyl


Key Features

  • Bold beautiful designs
  • Modern & formal patterns
  • Wide variety of colors
Vinyl Material
$$$ Price

26 Colors

  • Central Park Sandelwood Vertical Vinyl Blinds
  • Central Park Cashmir Vertical Vinyl Blinds
  • Central Park Truffle Vertical Vinyl Blinds
  • Tuscany Dusty Road Vertical Vinyl Blinds
  • Tuscany Brunswick Beige Vertical Vinyl Blinds
  • Tuscany Rustic Taupe Vertical Vinyl Blinds
  • Glasgow Cashmir Vertical Vinyl Blinds
The subtle texture and neutral color of the custom vinyl vertical with the pop of green chairs provides a fun design



Vinyl Vertical Blinds FAQ

What are the advantages of Vinyl Vertical Blinds?

Vinyl vertical blinds are a great window treatment option for sliding doors and very large window. They serve as a functional way to control light and privacy yet still offer a decorative look. You can choose from a wide collection of styles, colors, and patterns.
Vinyl vertical blinds are also easy to maintain. They usually don't get dusty because dust just falls between each vane. If your vanes do get dirty, you can use a damp sponge to clean them.

Can I purchase just a vertical vane?

Yes you can purchase vertical vanes (slats) for your existing vertical blinds. You can bring one of your vertical vanes to the store for our Design Consultant to measure or just simply give us the measurement.

How do I measure for Vinyl Vertical Blinds?

You measure verticals the same way as any other product (see “How To Measure” ). For an Inside Mount, we will make our own deduction so be sure to measure in 3 places for the width and height. For an outside mount, we will add to the width so be sure to let us know if you have any obstruction or have enough space.