3 hudson grey roller shades over the bathroom tub help complete this recently redecorated bathroom

Roller Shades

Our roller shades offer a modern flare on an old favorite. The roller shades come in versatile color options with designs that make it painless to convert any space in your home. You can opt for a more functional, simpler look with these shades, or you can go for a soft design that will add a gentle touch to your windows. With the growing fabric options, our roller shades are sure to have a fabric for you.

Customize your roller shades from one of our many designer fabrics, and add options including cordless


Large selection of valance options, scallop cuts, chain colors, mechanism options, and more
Blinds to Go rollers shades are made from some of the most exclusive fabrics

Exclusive Fabrics

Fabric collection has grown to become one our strongest, offering bold patterns, designs, and colors
Roller shades are available in both blackout fabrics and light filtering fabrics

Light Filtering & Blackout

Large selection of both light filtering and blackout styles

The Roller Shades Collection

Solid Fabrics

Key Features

  • Large selection of bold vibrant colors
  • Filters soft light
  • All shades offer full privacy
Polyester Material
$ Price

21 Colors

  • Sateen White Roller Shade
  • Sateen Candle Light Roller Shade
  • Sateen Bisque Roller Shade
  • Sateen Mink Roller Shade
  • Cameo Lilac Roller Shade
  • Cameo Royal Blue Roller Shade
  • Sateen Black Roller Shade
These blue roller window shades are the prefect window treatments for this boys bedroom

Textured Fabrics

Key Features

  • Modern elegant textures
  • Versatile color selection
  • Allows soft natural light to filter through
Polyester Material
$$ Price

28 Colors

  • Satellite White Roller Shade
  • Satellite Natural Roller Shade
  • Satellite Gray Roller Shade
  • Linen Maple Roller Shade
  • Linen Moss Roller Shade
  • Linen Auburn Roller Shade
  • Linen Charcoal Roller Shade
This bathroom has dark grey roller shades which gives privacy while letting soft light filter through the windows

Designer Fabrics

Key Features

  • Bold beautiful designs
  • Wide variety of colors
  • Jacquard Knitted polyester fabric
Polyester Material
$$ Price

11 Colors

  • Ballet Beige Roller Shade
  • Ballet Sand Roller Shade
  • Ballet Stone Roller Shade
  • Ballet Char Brown Roller Shade
  • Versailles Pearl Roller Shade
  • Versailles Ochre Shade
  • Versailles Cocoa Shade
To compliment the rest of the office, they went with a white roller shade with a bold design

Vinyl Blackout

Key Features

  • Bold color selection
  • Durabile & easy to clean
  • Budget friendly option
Polyester Material
$ Price

17 Colors

  • Brilliance Moire White Roller Shade
  • Brilliance Moire Ballet Roller Shade
  • Brilliance Grey Roller Shade
  • Brilliance Stone Roller Shade
  • Brilliance Stucco Charcoal Roller Shade
  • Brilliance Symphony Blue Roller Shade
  • Brilliance Black Roller Shade
All vinyl roller shades help keep out the light, like you see her in this guest bedroom window treatment

Fabric Blackout

Key Features

  • Has vinyl backing to block light
  • Solid and textured fabrics
  • Large color selection
Polyester Material
$$ Price

19 Colors

  • Landscape Snow Roller Shade
  • Landscape Desert Roller Shade
  • Devon Ocean Roller Shade
  • Devon Royal Blue Roller Shade
  • Devon Navy Roller Shade
  • Devon Chocolate Roller Shade
  • Devon Black Roller Shade
These bathroom windows have fabric blackout roller shades, which keeps the soft look of fabric, while keeping out the harsh light



Roller Shades FAQ

What is the difference between light filtering roller shades vs blackout roller shades?

Light filtering roller shades all light natural light filter through while varying in the amount of privacy you have. Most fabrics offer complete privacy while some you’ll be able to see silhouettes.
Blackout roller shades are available in vinyl and fabric materials. All the fabric blackout roller shades will have vinyl backing to keep out the light and provide full privacy. You might notice light gaps on the sides with the blackout roller shades depending on how they’re mounted.

Will my Roller Shades have light gaps?

Depending on where you mount your roller shades, you might have light gaps on the sides. The material for the roller shades is approximately 1 1/4” narrower than the mechanism leaving small gaps on both sides of the shade, when mounted on the inside of the window. Please seek the advice of our Design Consultant if you have additional questions regarding roller shades light gaps.

What are the advantages of Roller Shades.

Although the roller shades have been around for awhile, they’ve really involved over the last couple of years. The roller shades are easy to use, and offer a simplistic but noticeable look. With fabrics ranging from subtle textured whites, to bold floral patterns, the roller shades are an option that works with any decor.