Our roller shade product line offers a modern flare on an old favorite. They come in versatile color options with designs that make it painless to convert any space in your home. You can opt for a more functional, simpler look or you can go for a soft design that will add a gentle touch.


Large selection of valance options, scallop cuts, chain colors, mechanism options, and more

Exclusive Fabrics

Fabric collection has grown to become one our strongest, offering bold patterns, designs, and colors

Light Filtering & Blackout

Large selection of both light filtering and blackout styles

The Roller Shades Collection


Key Features

  • Large selection of bold vibrant colors
  • Filters soft light
  • All shades offer full privacy
Polyester Material
$ Price

21 Colors

  • Sateen White Roller Shade
  • Sateen Candle Light Roller Shade
  • Sateen Bisque Roller Shade
  • Sateen Mink Roller Shade
  • Cameo Lilac Roller Shade
  • Cameo Royal Blue Roller Shade
  • Sateen Black Roller Shade
Roller Shade Cameo Royal Blue


Key Features

  • Modern elegant textures
  • Versatile color selection
  • Allows soft natural light to filter through
Polyester Material
$$ Price

28 Colors

  • Satellite White Roller Shade
  • Satellite Natural Roller Shade
  • Satellite Gray Roller Shade
  • Linen Maple Roller Shade
  • Linen Moss Roller Shade
  • Linen Auburn Roller Shade
  • Linen Charcoal Roller Shade
Roller Shade Satellite White


Key Features

  • Bold beautiful designs
  • Wide variety of colors
  • Jacquard Knitted polyester fabric
Polyester Material
$$ Price

11 Colors

  • Ballet Beige Roller Shade
  • Ballet Sand Roller Shade
  • Ballet Stone Roller Shade
  • Ballet Char Brown Roller Shade
  • Versailles Pearl Roller Shade
  • Versailles Ochre Shade
  • Versailles Cocoa Shade
Roller Shade Sophie Oat

Vinyl Blackout

Key Features

  • Bold color selection
  • Durabile & easy to clean
  • Budget friendly option
Polyester Material
$ Price

17 Colors

  • Brilliance Moire White Roller Shade
  • Brilliance Moire Ballet Roller Shade
  • Brilliance Grey Roller Shade
  • Brilliance Stone Roller Shade
  • Brilliance Stucco Charcoal Roller Shade
  • Brilliance Symphony Blue Roller Shade
  • Brilliance Black Roller Shade
Roller Shade Brilliance White

Fabric Blackout

Key Features

  • Has vinyl backing to block light
  • Solid and textured fabrics
  • Large color selection
Polyester Material
$$ Price

19 Colors

  • Landscape Snow Roller Shade
  • Landscape Desert Roller Shade
  • Devon Ocean Roller Shade
  • Devon Royal Blue Roller Shade
  • Devon Navy Roller Shade
  • Devon Chocolate Roller Shade
  • Devon Black Roller Shade
Roller Shade Devon Royal Blue