Our sheer shades are composed of innovative and revolutionary lines that offer the best of all worlds to our customers! The sheer shades are designed for multi-functionality; They maintain the look of a shade when closed, but can control light like a blind. The delicate, yet luxurious fabrics, and the multiple varying functions of our sheer shades, makes them one of our most popular products, and a worthy investment.

The sheer shades are versatile due to offering both shad and blind functionality


This simple solution can be left alone for a finished look, or dressed up to fit any décor
Blinds to Go sheer shades innovations have changed the way people look at window treatments

Evolution of Shades

Our most innovating styles, giving you the light control of a blind with the soft elegance of a shade.
Both sheer shades are available in blackout fabrics

Available in Blackout

Available in light filtering and blackout fabrics.

The Sheer Shade Collections

Cascade Shades

Key Features

  • The evolution of roller shades
  • Modren neutral colors
  • Offers soft light control
Polyester Material
$$ Price
4 colors
  • Cascade Desert
  • Cascade Powder
  • Cascade Caramel swirl
  • Cascade Snow
The cascade shades in this bedroom offer full privacy while still letting light filter through the fabric

Cascade Luxury Shades

Key Features

  • Fine sheer fabric between panels
  • Versatile color selection
  • Sheer has tighter weave than Cascade
Polyester Material
$$$ Price
4 colors
  • Cascade Elegance Eclipse
  • Cascade Elegance Cloud
  • Cascade Elegance Icicle
  • Cascade Elegance Mocha
This office was completely transformed once the cascade elegance shades were put up

Cascade Elegance Linen

Key Features

  • Subtle pattern finish.
  • Modern neutral colors
  • Offers light control while blocking light
Polyester Material
$$$ Price

6 Colors

  • Cascade Elegance Linen Porcelain Sheer Shade
  • Cascade Elegance Linen Snow Sheer Shade
  • Cascade Elegance Linen Wheat Sheer Shade
  • Cascade Elegance Linen Bronze Sheer Shade
  • Cascade Elegance Linen Smoke Sheer Shade
  • Cascade Elegance Linen Chocolate Sheer Shade
Modern dinning room with windows dressed up in the Cascade Elegance Linen

Cascade Room Darkening Shades

Key Features

  • Modren neutral colors
  • Offers light control while blocking light
  • Has wider panels than L/F Cascade
Polyester Material
$$$ Price
4 colors
  • Cascade RD Antique Beige
  • Cascade RD Charcoal
  • Cascade RD Espresso
  • Cascade RD Platinum WH
To limit the distractions, this office went with cascade room darkening shades to help keep out the harsh glare.

Serenity Essentials

Key Features

  • Great value, classic style
  • 2" slates between sheer fabric
  • Light filtering fabric
3 colors
  • Serenity Essentials Cotton
  • Serenity Essentials Grey
  • Serenity Essentials Cream
Serenity shades are perfect for modern and classic decor.

Serenity II

Key Features

  • Diffuses harsh sunlight
  • Adjustable fabric vanes
  • Sophisticated look
5 colors
  • Serenity II Vellum
  • Serenity II Light pewter
  • Serenity II Charcoal
  • Serenity II Powder
  • Serenity II Gentle cream
This beautifully decorated living room has Serenity Shades covering the windows.

Serenity Bliss

Key Features

  • 2" slates between sheer fabric
  • Offers soft light control
  • Comes in modren neutral colors
Polyester Material
$$$$ Price
2 colors
  • Serenity Bliss Buff
  • Serenity Bliss Crystal White
This dining room has the soft serenity shades on these long windows

Serenity Eclipse

Key Features

  • Offers light control
  • 2" slates between sheer fabric
  • Diffuses harsh sunlight
Polyester Material
$$$$ Price
5 colors
  • Mini 2 0510 WhiteMT
  • Mini 2 0609 WhiteGS
  • Mini 2 0717 Silver
  • Mini 2 1938 Alabaster
  • Mini 2 0619 Black MT
To help keep out the sun in this bedroom, they elected to put up serenity room darkening shades as their window treatment.



Sheer Shades FAQ

What are Sheer Shades?

Sheer shades are our most innovative product which combines the soft and elegant look of shades with the functionality of blinds. These shades are made up of 2 layers of fabric that consist of sheer material alternating with a transparent or opaque strip allowing for light control and privacy. Our Sheer Shades are offered in either light filtering or room darkening.

How much depth do you need to mount the Sheer Shades?

The headrail for all sheer shades are about 3 ½ “deep. Therefore you need at least 3 ½ “for a flush mount. Any depth less than 3 ¼ “ will have the head rail protrude out form the inside of the window.

Can I put the Sheer Shades in the Bathroom or Kitchen?

The sheer shade fabrics are quite delicate. Cleaning must be done with care so that you don’t rip the material. With that being said, YES you can still put these in the bathroom or kitchen depending on where the window is located and what your daily use will be for the shades.