RPG Programmer and Analyst for AS/400 iSeries

Job Qualifications
  • This role will be responsible for analysis, planning, design, programming, testing, implementation and documentation of all business software application requests associated with our existing ERP (Frontier / Friedman Software) system, in-housed designed POS system and Payment Processing Systems.
  • This role plays a critical part in maintaining the integrity and accuracy of data used to manage our daily business operations.
  • Position will be writing codes to generate reports, writing codes to integrate between different applications, will be involved in development of project upgrades, writing interface to import or export data into the database.
  • Maintain custom code applications and correct existing software defects.
  • Serves as a liaison between the Retail/ Manufacturing/Finance/ecommerce  and the IT department in order to provide technical solutions to meet user needs.
  • Analyzes all aspects of operations to determine opportunities to automate processes and functions.
  • Assists in the business process redesign and documentation as needed for new technology.
  • Translates high level business requirements into functional specifications for the IT organization and manages changes to such specifications.
  • Educates the IT department on current software features. Negotiates agreements and commitments by facilitating communication between current software vendor and IT.
Profile and Experience Requirements
  • Bachelors degree in computer science with 5 – 10 years of RPG programming experience
  • Recent programming and analysis experience in the following systems: AS/400, iSeries, RPGILE, RPG IV, RPG400, Free format RPGLE, CL/400, CLLE, SQLRPGLE DB2/400,OS/400, SQL, PDM, SEU, DBU, SDA, RLU, DFU, Sub Files, Printer Files, Display Files, DDM Files, FTP, Barcode 400, Triggers, iSeries Navigator, AS/400/ iSeries Environment - Advanced
  • ERP & POS
  • DB2 Application Programming – Advanced
  • Good oral & written communication skills.
  • Facilitation of cross-functional groups.
  • Communicate effectively with all levels of management
  • Team player!

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