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Development Programs

Blinds To Go offers highly acclaimed leadership development programs for graduates with an interest in business management. You will be pushed to develop the skills required to lead people early in your career.



Our award-winning management training program is our core development program fit for business and arts majors. These individuals have an interest in business management and a desire to develop core management and leadership skills.

You can expect to be a part of a leadership team that operates with an entrepreneurial mindset. We will also provide an environment that allows you to hone in and build on your leadership skills.

  • BUILD a business foundation
  • DEVELOP your entrepreneurial talents
  • GROW continuously
Key Requirements
  • Bachelor degree in business or liberal arts
  • Prior customer service or sales experience
  • Interest in managing and leading people
  • Open-mind and desire to learn from others
  • Drive and strong work ethics
  • Strong interpersonal skills
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The amount of time the company has invested to help me grow is something i’ll always be grateful for.

Danielle Amoroso
Sales and Development Manager | Massachusetts


Design meets entrepreneurship

Our design career serves as an extension of our industry leading “red-carpet” service. Start your career as a design consultant and grow into our Shop At Home consultations department. Our consultative selling process is focused on helping the customer select the product that best meets their needs and give them a memorable shopping experience that makes them “a customer for life”.

Our MLDP will allow you to leverage your core technical and problem solving skills into a leadership position in a people-intensive manufacturing environment.

What to Expect?
  • Build a business foundation
  • Express yourself through your designs
  • Grow continuously
Key Requirements
  • Prior customer service or sales experience
  • Accreditation from a decorating or design program and/or membership in a professional organization is desirable
  • Good oral communication skills
  • Able to work with computers for order entry, pricing and payments systems
  • Strong sense of home fashions, creativity or a good sense of visual appeal is desirable
  • Good professional and fashion presence
  • Desire to lead or manage others
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An in-home design consultant shows swatches to a customer in a large kitchen with lots of windows.

The culture, affordable pricing, and commitment to the best customer service possible were all factors in my decision to join the BTG family.

Roberta Levine
Shop At Home Manager | New York



Our MLDP builds on our highly successful Management Training Program, and gives recent graduates with a broad career interest in manufacturing or supply chain management an opportunity to quickly develop skills and assume a leadership position early in their career. This program is ideal for those who have a broad interest in building a career in manufacturing management or supply chain management.

Our MLDP will allow you to leverage your core technical and problem solving skills into a leadership position in a people-intensive manufacturing environment.

Key Requirements
  • Bachelor degree in engineering or applied science
  • Internship in manufacturing or supply chain desirable
  • Desire to leverage technical skills into broader management/leadership role
  • Interest in learning to manage and lead people
  • Drive and strong work ethics
  • Open-minded and desire to learn from others
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Two factory workers collaborate at a large table stocked with an assortment of shade components.

After just over a year in the MLDP, I’ve gained invaluable experience on the retail side and am on track with my career objectives, leading a department of 45 employees in the plant.

Plant Manager | Montreal



A vital part of our company is finding those who not only are fit for our culture but also have the skills to contribute to our objectives. This requires a recruiting team that has a hands-on understanding of all that is BTG. Through our recruiting training program, you will have the opportunity to bring your passion for recruiting to fruition.

Not your typical resume screening recruiting coordinator position. We will take your passion for recruiting, develop the critical skills required using our highly acclaimed Management Training Program, and make you a highly accountable hiring manager within 6-8 months.

Key Requirements
  • Bachelors in human resources, psychology, sociology, marketing, or like majors preferred
  • Excellent critical thinking or assessment skills
  • Outgoing, engaging personality
  • Passion for people and people development
  • Excellent oral communication skills
  • Strong work ethic and high personal drive
  • Natural leadership skills
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Two new employees review some papers in the BTGU classroom while and instructor looks on.

I realized that if I could change a behavior that was ingrained in me since I was a child, that sky was the limit.

Ashley Lee
Sales & Development Manager | Long Island Region