A leader communicating to the rest of the group and presenting new products.

Manufacturing Leadership Development Program

Our MLDP builds on our highly successful Management Training Program, and gives recent graduates with a broad career interest in manufacturing or supply chain management an opportunity to quickly develop skills and assume a leadership position early in their career. Our MLDP is ideal for the engineering graduate with an interest in leveraging core technical and problem solving skills into a broader leadership position in a people intensive manufacturing environment.

Key Requirements
  • Bachelor degree in engineering or applied science
  • Internship in manufacturing or supply chain desirable
  • Desire to leverage technical skills into broader management/leadership role
  • Interest in learning to manage and lead people
  • Drive and strong work ethics
  • Open-minded and desire to learn from others

(See careers brochure for more information)

Antoine Filion

Antoine Filion

Production & Development Manager
After just over a year in the MLDP, I’ve gained invaluable experience on the retail side and am on track with my career objectives, leading a department of 45 employees in the plant. The amount of time and effort invested by the company to develop me definitely stands out.