The Best Window Coverings for Your Beach House

Let us introduce you to the best blinds and windows shades for different styles of beach houses.

With summer just around the corner, many are busy preparing their beach houses for sunny times ahead. Even if your neighbors’ abode is located a fair distance from your own, you still need to cover your windows to protect your furniture from excessive sunlight — and you need window treatments that can handle that sunlight, plus the humid, salty air.

Depending on your personal style and décor, there are a number of products that are available to suit your needs. This article focuses on three popular styles and décor, with a focus on durability and protection from the elements.

Naturally Inspired Blinds and Shades for a Beach House

Woven wood shades, a natural product, can be a perfect match for the wooden walls of your beach house. If your windows face a wooded area or a lake, unlined bamboo blinds are the answer as they enable you to look out and enjoy the scenery; should you need a greater level of privacy or room-darkening properties, you can always add a liner at the back. As your beach house is only used during certain times of the year, you need blinds that attract a ton of dust. A flat Woven Wood style is easy to clean, just wipe with a cloth.

Faux Wood Blinds are available in a wide range of natural colors that can be found in a beach house. These provide better light filtering properties and a greater level of privacy.

A contemporary living room features indoor shutters on a large window behind a blue velvet couch

For a more elegant look, Interior Shutters are a great choice as they offer nearly the same options as Faux Wood Blinds. You can open the louvers only, or the entire unit to let the sunshine in. Keep in mind with wood blinds or interior shutters, if you’re decorating a beach out, consider faux wood options over real wood to avoid warped slats / louvers. We construct our Ideal Shutters® out of a faux wood composite material that works great in high-moisture locations.

Finally, a Roller Shade from our Naturally Inspired Collection will fit perfectly into your beach house’s natural design scheme. Our new styles offer the appearance of Woven Wood at a more affordable price point. They’re easy to clean and lightweight, they are the ideal decorative solution for large windows.

Contemporary Window Shade Options for a Modern Beach House

A window features a cordless Cascade Sheer Shade.

Cascade Sheer Shades offer excellent light filtering properties combined with a privacy option. Made with a dust-resistant straight fabric, these window coverings are a practical choice as they will only need a periodic cleaning. Furthermore, they are UV resistant to protect the natural furnishings in your beach house.

Cellular Shades add a modern touch to your beach house. Whether you choose a sheer, privacy or black out style, they all provide some of the best insulation properties. If your beach house has old windows or windows facing south, Cellular Shades are the ideal option to help you save energy. Cellular shades can also be configured to lower from the top down to uncover the top of your window or combined to create a light filtering shade at the top and a darker shade the bottom to provide more light.

Last but not least, solar shades are a great option if privacy isn’t a concern. Solar Shades will let you admire the lake or scenery while filtering out harmful UV rays. Ours are constructed of moisture resistant materials making them perfect and easy to clean.

Timeless Window Shades for the Classic Beach House

Tan roman shades in a spacious beach house

Harmony Roman Shades come in wide range of patterns and are lined to provide greater privacy or room-darkening properties. If you want to enjoy the view outside your beach house while maintaining your privacy, a top-down bottom-up shade may be just what you need.

Sheers, which include panels made of material are better adapted to large windows, as they are lighter. Vertical Sheers and Serenity Sheer Shades are constructed of a sheer material and can be adjusted to give you privacy or to enable you to see outside through the sheer fabric.

Whatever the décor in your beach house, we've got you covered.

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