Blinds, shades, and curtains that let in lots of light

Let a Blinds To Go design consultant help you choose window treatments that will brighten up any room.

Light shines through two windows, that are covered with white Cascade sheer shades in a contemporary bedroom.

Need to brighten a dark room? Or make a small space look bigger? Adding light and bright colors can help open up a dark room. Using light-colored window treatments that compliment the color of the walls will balance out the decor, make the room appear bigger, and help guide the eye around the room. Here at Blinds To Go we have many products that will help bring more light into a dark room. From our aluminum blinds to our motorized Cascade shades, we can find something within your budget to meet your needs.

White mini blinds, tilted open, allow light to pour into a bathroom.

Blinds that let in lots of light

The slats on aluminum blinds are so thin that when they are tilted open they almost disappear, letting lots of light into the room while keeping that custom look. Aluminum blinds / Mini blinds are a budget-friendly window treatment option that are available in a wide range of neutrals tones, interesting textures, and metallic finishes.

Which shades let in the most light when they are closed

If privacy isn't an issue, solar shades offer protection from harmful UV rays while still allowing light to filter through. This option also gives you the benefit of being able to see through your shade so you can admire the outside view even as you reduce the heat that comes in from your window.

Semi-transparent solar shades cover three windows above a large free standing tub in a contemporary bathroom.

Shades that let in lots of light while providing privacy

Cellular shades are two great options for bringing light into a dark room. They both filter light beautifully through their material, providing privacy while also adding clean, modern elegance to the room. We then have our Cascade sheer shades that offer the functionality of a blind with the convenience of a shade. You can control the incoming light by adjusting the opening of the slats while adding a bold modern look to any room.

A modern bathroom featuring two cellular shades covering two windows that share one headrail above a bathtub.

The vertical blind alternative that lets in lots of light

If you have large windows or a sliding door that needs to be dressed in a room that could benefit from more light, consider our innovative, new Melody sheer verticals. Melody sheer verticals , will give you light control and privacy similar to vertical blinds but with a softer look. The transparent fabric on our sheer vertical blinds allows light to softly fill the room when they are tilted open. When closed they provide privacy while still allowing light to come in.

Sheer curtains a classic way to let in lots of light

Let’s not forget curtains, there are many sheer and light-colored options in our drapery collection that will dress a window beautifully and bring light into the room. And with drapery, you can play with the size of the rods and panels to make the window appear bigger than it is, adding bigger advantages as an option.

Beautiful white sheers in an elegant living room with tall French doors.

There are numerous options to choose from for those looking to bring light into a dark room and the designs consultants here at Blinds To Go more than happy to guide you in the right direction to meet the desired look and functionality that you need.

-Alberto Sanchez, Design Consultant, Totowa, New Jersey

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