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Sun and Shades: The Best Window Shades For Sunny Rooms

Love sunshine and a view, but hate the heat? We've got the shade for you.

We all enjoy the warmth of the summer sun. Whether you get together with the family for a barbecue, sip a drink on the porch with your neighbor, or simply enjoy not having to wear your winter coat, summer is a time for fun. It's also a time of glare, heat and uncomfortable indoor temperatures. And your home may need extra assistance during these months. Here are the best window covering options for sunny climates, and how they can keep you comfortable all year long.

A solar shade blocks the harsh sun yet allows light and a view to come through a wall of windows in a modern dining room.

Solar Shades

Love sunshine and a view, but hate the heat? Try a solar roller shade. This unique product has varying levels of transparency, allowing you to appreciate your view right through the shade. They’re great for people who don't really need privacy but might want help with light and heat control. Solar shades allow natural light to filter through, but help block harmful UVB and heat that can damage your flooring, furniture, and paint.

Roller Shades

Need some privacy? Try a blackout or light-filtering roller shade option instead for the same clean look as solar shades without transparency. Modern and streamlined, they're great for condos, businesses, and private residences.

Cellular shades offer privacy in a modern living room.

Cellular / Honeycomb Shades

Is it too hot in the house? Too much light coming in during the day? Losing cool air through poorly insulated windows? Cellular shades are the product for you. The unique honeycomb shape of the shades keeps air trapped within the layers, which creates a buffer between the outside world and your in-home climate. They come in light-filtering and blackout options, so you can customize your light level indoors. Fully private when down, they hug the side of your sill tightly for maximum coverage. Operate these cordlessly or motorize them for lazy summer days.

Cascade/Zebra Shades

Dual layered sheer shades, our Cascade/zebra shades are both elegant and modern. With two layers of material, this shade can be adjusted to create transparency through its sheer parts. This lets you adjust your light level on bright summer days, giving you a view between the open parts of your material. A must-see, these have a variety of wand, motor and cordless operations. Our Cascade shades are a fabulous option for any dining or living space, or bedroom.

A modern bedroom with black and sheer Cascade/ Zebra shades

Classic Horizontal Blinds

Venetian or horizontal – whatever you call them, these are the blinds you know and love. Horizontal blinds are a classic for a reason: they’re durable, cleanable and oh-so adjustable. They allow you to tilt your slats, and let in the exact amount of heat and light you desire, making them perfect for rooms where you need dial back the sun a little at certain times of the day.

If you are still having trouble deciding between roller shades and cellular shades, stop by one of our 90+ conveniently located showrooms, schedule a free in-home consultation or call and chat with a member of our customer support team.

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