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When To Choose Bold Colors For Window Treatments

Add color through shades or drapery and your room goes from wow to WOW.

Are you designing a room and everything is blending really well but now it seems like a docile space? When starting a project, we think about everything but the window treatments in the beginning. Flooring, wall color, backsplash, molding, furniture; it can all feel super overwhelming. Seeing so many projects come to life over the years it’s very obvious we are afraid of color and commitment in our homes. So, where do we start?


Color can absolutely make a pretty space into a show stopper. Ever stand in front of 100 paint samples wondering which one should go on the walls and end up with gray or beige? Only to then crack open a magazine and see a beautiful room with a color you love but your room is now painted. Well not to worry, it is fixable.


Velvet Drapes in Purple

Layering is an easy way to make a room feel unique to you. Once you have a simple palette to work with you can add big color to window treatments, lighting fixtures, pillows and blankets etc. Best part is, if you get tired of the color or pattern you chose, just change it. Window treatments can be the quickest way to give a room a face lift without having to evacuate a room while it’s being renovated.


Roman Shades in Veranda Midnight

Add color through shades or drapery and your room goes from wow to WOW. Typically, the intention when redoing a room in your home is that it will stay that way for at least 5-10 years. If the other major things in the room (floor, paint or wallpaper color, furniture, etc.) are staying that long why shouldn’t your window treatment? In that case why are we so afraid of adding color? Have fun with it!

Gold colored roller shades provide a pop of color in a modern dining room.

Roller Shades in Olive

If adding color in a main room seems daunting, try a smaller space first. Most of the time people are a bit more daring when it comes to smaller spaces, or areas that people don’t hang out in for long periods of time. Foyers, laundry rooms, mud rooms, stairways all come to mind. If you have a window in these areas, it is a perfect opportunity to play with color without feeling like you made a huge commitment.

Play rooms are also an awesome place to test this theory. If you aren’t sure if you would be okay with a bold blue or fun lively green window treatment, try them out where the kids play! You can introduce big patterns and lots of colors without it seeming too much because these spaces actually call for this décor! Try prints with multi color polka dots, stripes or fun floral patterns to help give the space the character it deserves.

A kid's playroom features blue cellular shades.

Newburyport Blue cellular shades

As far as product, roller shades and cellular shades offer fun solid colors. Sometimes the color pop alone can make such a statement, no pattern or texture is even necessary. But if your heart is set on texture or pattern, roman shades are the product for you. Roman shades offer a soft subtle element while really making a statement. The assortment of fabrics is almost endless, and if you use a pattern with more colors, it will eventually work within different style parameters. Go wild, let your creativity fill the home you love!

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