Find out why our Cascade sheer shades, also known as zebra shades, are so popular.

Our Cascade sheer shades are trending -- some people call them Zebra Shades because of the contrasting stripes. Whatever you call them they are getting a lot of buzz these days as more and more people are looking to modernize their homes.

A painting of a zebra with sunglasses hangs next to a window with Cascade sheer shades

Cascade Elegance Sheer Shades in Eclipse

Multi-functional zebra shades

Cascade or Zebra shades bring a cool, modern look to the inside of your home and a subtly unique look to the outside of your home. They are trending because in addition to their modern look, they also offer multiple functions in one shade. They can be used for privacy, room darkening, light filtering, they can be fully open or fully closed. So much functionality can be hard to find in one shade.

Super-functional, modern double roller shades

Cascade sheer shades are similar to double roller shades because they have two layers of fabric and can be sheer or completely opaque, or even room darkening depending on how you adjust them. The doubled fabric of Cascade sheer shades is made of one long piece of fabric with alternating stripes; a sheer fabric and a solid/opaque fabric in a continuous loop that wraps around a bar in the headrail as well as the bottom bar. As with most shades, Cascade/Zebra shades help with air retention in your home and thus are energy efficient and they can still let light through even when closed if you choose a light or sheer fabric for the opaque stripes.


Cascade Sheer Shades in Sante Fe Marble

Can Cascade sheer shades darken a room?

Room-darkening Cascade shades have a darker and/or thicker material for the opaque stripe compared to the light-filtering selections and are even available in light colors like white that have room-darkening functionality. The room-darkening shades are great for bedrooms and TV rooms because they let very minimal light in when they are fully closed. The alternating stripes can be positioned up or down in relation to the stripes on the fabric behind them in small increments allowing unlimited micro adjustments for maximum customization. How much light and view you let in is up to you. They can also be customized in many colors with stripes being tonal or contrasting for a bold look. And of course, they can be made according to different window measurements and can come cordless or motorized.

Two tall windows in the living room have caramel-colored cascade sheer shades covering them.

Cascade Sante Fe sheer shades in Almond

The amount of function and customization Cascade/ Zebra sheer shades provide and their modern and contemporary look are making them grow in popularity year over year. Now a days, people want to spend once and want all of the functions in one shade rather than spending again and again. I believe this will be a popular choice for window treatments for many years to come.

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