2024 Home Design Trends: Top Looks for Blinds, Shades & Drapery

Incorporate the most current trends in modern home decor with blinds, shades and drapery from Blinds To Go.

Just like that, 2023 has come to a close! If you’re looking to take your home to the next level sooner than later, now’s the time to plan for the year ahead with the top design trends of 2024. While interior design trends come and go, we’re rooting for you to make your home a space you can always grow with — even when your style changes. From bold colors to the latest take on quiet luxury, ahead we’re diving into the top interior design trends of 2024 and which window treatments complement them.

A modern living room features an off-white mid-centry couch surrounded with neutral and wood tone furniture and art.

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Neutrals Are Getting Warmer

Gone are the days of stark white and cool gray tones. Warm hues (think burgundy, creamy whites, shades of brown, etc.) are here to add an element of character to any room. According to Houzz, “Today’s grays tend to be taupe- and sage-leaning, and they’re paired with caramel, cream, chocolate, terracotta & more to create neutral palettes with a lot of warmth and depth.”

The good news? This shift toward earth tones is extending beyond walls and onto other surfaces and materials throughout the home, including textiles, cabinetry, and window treatments.

When it comes to complementing the warm neutral trend, we recommend Roman Shades. Not only are they available in an array of earth tones, but the fabric offerings of Roman Shades infuse an element of dimension that instantly adds to comforting atmospheres. Choose from flat, waterfall, or classic Roman Shades for windows in light filtering or blackout liners for your ideal light filtration goals.

A peachy-beige beadframe rests against a wall of the exact same color for a stunning decor look.

Bold Monochromatic Moments Make a Statement

If color is your preference, go bold by saturating the room with it. Inspired by 1990s minimalism, monochromatic palettes are taking center stage over small pops of color. Our advice on this nostalgic 2024 design trend: give pastel tones a chance, like peach fuzz, Pantone’s pick for the 2024 color of the year. Not only do these warm color options give off a gentle aesthetic, but they allow you to bring a more playful touch into your home.

Achieve the full-on monochromatic look with a variety of window shades & window blinds selections that are tailored to your needs. Explore everything from our Prestige Collection of Cellular shades to Tailored Fit Drapery picks that offer an easy way to layer.

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A modern living room features dark walls behind a beige couch with chocolate brown leather pillows.

Chocolate (Yes, Chocolate )Brown: The New Statement Color

In alignment with earth tones being a top interior design trend of 2024, brown is one of the hues having a major moment this year. Inspired by a play on the popular 1970’s palette, this wave of dark brown blinds— including a variety of rust and deep gold tones — boasts a natural warmth that’s rich and perfect for layering with other colors.

To embrace this inviting aesthetic into your window treatments, we recommend Wood Blinds and Faux Wood Blinds. A timeless style that exudes simplicity, these window coverings come in a variety of grains and finishes that are functional and built to last. If you’re aiming for a natural aesthetic, go for Wood Blinds as they boast authentic color nuances, a lighter feel, and better insulation. But if durability is a concern, opt for Faux Wood Blinds. Made to mimic the look of real wood blinds, these window coverings are less likely to warp, have greater resistance to moisture, and are more cost effective.

A stunning modern bathroom with blue walls features a blue sink, a blue toilet and a blue free-standing tub.

A Reintroduction of Blue: Nature's Tranquil Touch

From living room to master bathroom, we’ll be seeing this nature-inspired hue everywhere in 2024. Not only has it become a popular base for styling, but it’s being embraced for its ability to exude calmness and tranquility. But the 2024 design trend isn’t limited to one shade — midtone blues, deep teals and watery-green blues have been gaining momentum, so it’s all up to preference. Here's a quick guide to help you choose the perfect window treatments for every room in your entire home

With many ways to decorate using blue, incorporating the 2024 design trend into your window treatments is always a good idea. Choose from a variety of Honeycomb Shades (Cellular Shades) if insulation is a priority, or layer existing window treatments with our window Curtains collection in complementing shades. For a stylish contrast, opt for Plantation Shutters. Crafted to provide durability, both our Ideal and MorView Shutters capture the essence of timeless charm.

Quiet Luxury Gets Cozy and Inviting

While quiet luxury has been huge in recent years, the trend is taking a turn toward simplicity. Since it can be hard to keep up with clean, sterile looks, incorporating a comfortable, lived-in aesthetic can be the perfect update for your home. The goal is to embrace a space you can enjoy without worrying about accidental stains. Don’t get us wrong, it’s still minimalism...just with an organic look and feel.

A cozy living room decorated in off white and tans features a cozy fireplace and warm wood-tone bookshelves

So what does this 2024 design trend entail? Soft curves, layers, cozy fabrics, etc. But before you go out and invest in large pieces, start with small doses, like window treatments. We recommend our Drapery / Curtains Collection, available in light filtering drapery, sheer curtains, room darkening curtains options. Our trick to achieving even more of a cozy element? Double up on panels. Not only will this create a fuller look, but double panels also provide custom options for your preferred light control.

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Overall, while it isn’t required to redecorate or renovate your home every year, new trends can give inspiration on how to keep your space fresh and personable. Whether you’re looking for modern updates, planning for a major renovation, or simply aiming to revamp a specific room, we at Blinds To Go aim to provide you with window treatments that meet both your style and functional needs.

Considering one of these 2024 design trends to elevate your home? Be sure to add the finishing touch with custom window treatments. Explore our wide range of options and get started with a free swatch. We invite you to come in to a Blinds To Go showroom today or set up a Shop At Home appointment to feel fabrics, get a quote, and see actual window treatments.

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