Four Easy Ways to Childproof Your Windows

To keep those curious little ones safe, start with these four tips.

A children's bedroom with a white and light grey design with grey Roman shades in a waterfall fold.

Welcoming a child into the world is a rewarding experience that brings with it both unparalleled joy and responsibility alike. Check our child-safe window treatments. We love, guide, and protect our little ones throughout their lives, but those first few precious years present new parents with hidden safety challenges at every turn. We go to great lengths to childproof our homes to seemingly obsessive proportions because you can never be too careful with little ones around.

What am I forgetting to child-proof?

To childproof their house, parents are advised to cover all of the electrical outlets, ensure that sharp knives/utensils and harsh chemicals are locked away in out-of-reach places. Some even install comprehensive alarm systems. But, many parents overlook the window treatments that are present throughout their homes.

When to child-proof your blinds and shades?

It’s easy to forget about windows and blinds when preparing your home for a baby’s arrival – after all, you have a million other things to worry about. But, once your baby becomes mobile, your window treatments, especially if they are corded, can become a hazard that should not be ignored.

A bay window features cordless wood blinds with the middle blind in the up position revealing a rainbow painted on the window, while a toddler plays in the foreground.

How to child-proof your blinds and shades?

The team here at Blinds To Go takes child safety seriously, many of us are parents ourselves. We want to share some helpful tips that will ensure that your children are safe when they are around your windows.

According to the Window Covering Safety Council, if you would like to childproof your windows to ensure a safe and happy home, it’s important to follow these three handy guidelines:

  • Install only cordless window coverings or those with inaccessible cords in homes with young children.
  • Move all cribs, beds, furniture, and toys away from windows.
  • When window covering cords are present, ensure that they are out of sight and reach, by shortening or moving them, so that they are inaccessible to young children. Just placing cords on a high window sill is not enough to keep them out of curious little hands. Installing a cord cleat is a much safer option than trying to just hide cords from sight.

Another way to ensure that your windows are childproof is to only purchase and install high-quality window treatments like cordless window blinds. High-quality window treatments are tested for attachment strength and are less likely to come off of their mounting hardware, should a curious little hand tug on any part of your blind or shade.

A modern nursery decorated in black and white with touches of turquoise blue features a white cellular shade on the window.

Our children will grow to meet their potential by learning about their surrounding world through touch and exploration. We must be on the lookout for any dangers that little ones might come across, no matter how benign they may seem to adults. So, if you are a parent or caregiver to little ones be sure to double-check your home and make sure your window treatments are as safe as they can be.

For more information about window covering cord safety, please visit the Window Covering Safety Council website.

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