Custom Aluminum mini blinds offers the ability to control light coming in as well as giving an office space a sleek design.

Aluminum Blinds

BTG BlindsTM has one of the most versatile lines of aluminum blinds. With the modern, sleek look of aluminum, designer colors, and exciting metallics, these mini blinds make a statement and bring life and a personality to any space (commercial or private). They are practical, simple, and yet attractive.


Comes in 6 and 8 gauge slats helping withstand from everyday wear and tear
Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Cost effective, but still allows you to add your decorative touch
3 Slat Sizes

3 Slat Sizes

Available in 2", 1" and 1/2" slats

The Aluminum Blind Collections

Cordless Classic Mini

Key Features

  • Exclusively in cordless
  • Popular neutral colors
  • Sleek headrail

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3 colors
  • Cordless Mini 1" Alabaster
  • Cordless Mini 1" Gray
  • Cordless Mini 1" White
Entry level aluminum mini blinds that comes in white and alabaster colors

Mini II

Key Features

  • 6 gauge aluminum slats
  • Has many customizable options
  • Budget friendly option

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5 colors
  • Mini 2 0510 WhiteMT
  • Mini 2 0609 WhiteGS
  • Mini 2 0717 Silver
  • Mini 2 1938 Alabaster
  • Mini 2 0619 Black MT
Aluminum Collection Mini II

Softlook 6

Key Features

  • 6 gauge aluminum slats
  • Sleek contoured headrail
  • Large selection of bold colors

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14 colors
  • Softlook 6 0510 WhiteMT
  • Softlook 6 0609 WhiteGS
  • Softlook 6 0610 WhiteArtic
  • Softlook 6 0616 Grey
  • Softlook 6 0574 Blue Cadet
  • Softlook 6 0825 Antique
  • Softlook 6 0717 Silver
Aluminum mini blinds available in bold colors for any room theme/design. Softlook 6 comes with a sleek contoured headrail.

Softlook 8

Key Features

  • 8 gauge aluminum slats
  • Versatile neutral colors
  • Sleek contoured headrail

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15 colors
  • Softlook 8 0510 WhiteMT
  • Softlook 8 0609 WhiteGS
  • Softlook 8 0610 White Artc
  • Softlook 8 0825 Antique
  • Softlook 8 0112 Alabaster
  • Softlook 8 0528 Champagne
  • Softlook 8 0522 Beige
Softlook 8 mini blinds have a thicker aluminum able to withstand wear and tear for bathroom windows near the shower.

Softlook 8 Designer

Key Features

  • Modern elegant textures
  • 8 gauge aluminum slats
  • Sleek contoured headrail

More Info

7 colors
  • Softlook 8 Designer 4001 White Sue
  • Softlook 8 Designer 1514 White Plearl
  • Softlook 8 Designer 4004 AlabasterS
  • Softlook 8 Designer 3092 Silverstra
  • Softlook 8 Designer 3087 Tan Swirl
  • Softlook 8 Designer 0734 Black PL
  • Softlook 8 Designer 0603 Lilys lace
Softlook Designer aluminum mini blind had a sleek design for a clean look in a study or office space.

Softlook Micro

Key Features

  • .5 inch slates
  • Metallic neutral colors
  • Sleek contoured headrail

More Info

4 Colors

  • White Gloss Softlook Micro Aluminum Blinds
  • White Matte Softlook Micro Aluminum Blinds
  • Alabaster Softlook Micro Aluminum Blinds
  • Silver Softlook Micro Aluminum Blinds
Aluminum micro mini blinds on a living room window



Aluminum Blinds FAQ

What are the advantages of Aluminum Mini Blinds?

There are lots of advantages when choosing aluminum mini blinds. They are a versatile and classic way to dress up your house or office. Aluminum blinds have a wide selection of colors to pick from. You can decide on either a shiny or a matte finish to compliment your style.
Another advantage of our aluminum mini blinds are how light weight the mini blinds are. Perfect for large windows or doors, its easy to lift it up and down as well as tilt open or close. Since the slats are small you also have less stacking when the blinds are up.
Aluminum blinds are a cost effective way to decorate your space. You can still have a simple and elegant look for an affordable price.

How do I Clean my Aluminum Blinds?

To keep your aluminum mini blinds looking their best, they can be dusted or wiped occasionally with a damp sponge containing a very mild solution of soap and warm water.

Do Aluminum Blinds get dented easily?

Although aluminum mini blinds have different thickness (6 or 8 gauge), you can still dent the slats if used improperly.