Softlook 6 is our 6 gauge thick aluminum that comes with a round headrail and a quick turn wand. This quick turn wand allows tilting the slats easier and faster. Available in both neutrals and colors, this style is perfect for any room. There are different options available such as wand/cord location, intimacy (no holes) and a knob tilt.
All our aluminum mini blinds are light weight perfect for larger windows


Our custom aluminum mini blinds offers privacy so no one can see inside


Aluminum mini blinds keeps light out and darkens any room

Room Darkening

Our aluminum mini blinds comes in a large selection on colors

Wide Variety of Colors

Our aluminum mini blinds allow to control the amount of light you want in a room by tilting the slats open or close

Light Control

Our custom aluminum mini blinds provides a sleek and modern design


Available Colors

Softlook 6 0510 WhiteMT
0510 WhiteMT
Softlook 6 0609 WhiteGS
0609 WhiteGS
Softlook 6 0610 WhiteArtic
0610 WhiteArtic
Softlook 6 0616 Grey
0616 Grey
Softlook 6 0574 Blue Cadet
0574 Blue Cadet
Softlook 6 0825 Antique
0825 Antique
Softlook 6 0717 Silver
0717 Silver
Softlook 6 0629 Cream
0629 Cream
Softlook 6 1938 Alabaster
1938 Alabaster
Softlook 6 0528 Champagne
0528 Champagne
Softlook 6 0529 Shell
0529 Shell
Softlook 6 0680 Celadon
0680 Celadon
Softlook 6 0202 Silvergold
0202 Silvergold
Softlook 6 0632 Vienna Wd
0632 Vienna Wd
Softlook 6 0718 Bronze
0718 Bronze
Softlook 6 0106 Garnet Red
0106 Garnet Red
Softlook 6 0667 Red GS
0667 Red GS
Softlook 6 0678 Blue Skip
0678 Blue Skip
Softlook 6 0619 Black MT
0619 Black MT

Available Options

Intimacy option, remove the holes in the slats.

(No Holes)

Knob tilter removes the need for a wand tilter but the top of the window needs to be easy to access.


Tilter and pull cords are located on the left side of the blind.

Wand Cord Left

Tilter and pull cords are located on the right side of the blind.

Wand Cord Right

Tilter is located on the left and pull cords are located on the right.

Tilt Left

Tilter is located on the right and pull cords are located on the left.

Tilt Right