The S-shape vertical blinds vanes offers the soft look of curtains but with the low maintenance of vinyl


Vinyl Vertical Blinds

Our S-Shape Vertical gives the illusion of curtains and the advantages of a vinyl vertical. Easy to clean, room darkening and the ability to control light are only a few benefits this product offers. Available in 6 elegant styles each having their own color selection. You can choose any opening type and designer valance. All our vertical tracks come with a self-correcting ultra track.
All our custom vinyl vertical blinds are easy to clean and maintain.

Easy To Clean

Vinyl verticals keeps light out to darken any room

Room Darkening

Our vertical blinds come in many elegant textures and designs


Our vinyl vertical blinds comes in a large selection on colors

Wide Variety of Colors

Vinyl verticals allow to control the amount of light in a room.

Light Control

Our vinyl vertical blinds offer privacy so people cant see in


Available Colors

Soho White
Soho Bavarian Cream
Bavarian Cream
Soho Everlasting
Currents White
Currents Palm Desert Tan
Palm Desert Tan
Broadway Brandy Cream
Brandy Cream
Broadway Tumbleweed
Surah Decorators White
Decorators White
Surah Capri Coast
Capri Coast
Surah Big Bend Beige
Big Bend Beige
Surah Baja Dunes
Baja Dunes

Available Options

Vertical blind will open from the center to the sides.

Central Opening

There is no valance options to cover up the metallic headrail.

No Valance

Vertical blinds open from the sides stacking the vanes in the center.

Central Traverse

Royal valance covers up the metallic headrail with a decorative piece of fabric encased in a plastic holder.

Royal Valance

Slides from left to right, or reverse, stacking the vanes on the sides. The   control mechanism is located on the same side as the stacked vanes.

One Way

Slides from left to right, or reverse, stacking the vanes on the sides. The   control mechanism is located on the opposite side as the stacked vanes.

Opposite Traverse

Bottom of the vanes, instead of beeing cut straight they are cut round.

Elegance Cut

Bottom of the vanes are cut straight.

Straight Cut