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A kitchen window features real wood blinds in a dark brown finish with contrasting tan fabric tape

Custom Real Wood Blinds

Sophisticated and timeless, real wooden blinds bring warmth and natural beauty to any space.  Custom-crafted from 100% basswood, our wood blinds are lightweight and provide natural insulation for your windows.  Available in rich natural finishes and neutral colors such as Golden Oak, Mahogany, Walnut, Espresso, Ash Wood, White, Pewter and White Dove; our custom wood blinds can be further customized with decorative fabric tapes, motorized tilt and a variety of cord and wand options.

Sophisticated and timeless, real wooden blinds bring a pleasant, warm feeling to any space in your home.  Custom-crafted from 100% basswood, our custom wood blinds are available in rich natural finishes and neutral colors and can be further customized with decorative fabric tapes, motorized tilt and a variety of cord and wand options.

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Advantages of Real Wood Blinds

Grey wood blinds in a cozy family room with a fireplace and dark grey walls


Our indoor wood blinds are made from 100% basswood, kiln dried to drain excess moisture and clear coated to protect against warping and scratching.  They are treated with an oil-penetrating stain for lasting quality and to resist fading from harmful UV rays.

A modern kitchen with white walls and counters features real wood blinds in a dark wood finish on two large windows.


Made-to-measure wood blinds are lightweight, which makes them a functional and practical option for large windows or doors. Wood blinds provide room darkening, light control, privacy, and maintain views when tilted open.  Wood blinds are also natural insulators, helping to reduce heating and cooling costs. 

Dark brown real wood blinds cover two windows and lend warmth to a room with white walls, a beige upholstered chair and a small writing desk.

Natural Beauty

The natural beauty of real wood has many unique characteristics including knots, tiger stripes, and grain patterns. From white to grey to dark brown, explore our wide selection of colors and rich, warm textures that will add beauty and sophistication to any room. 

The Real Wood Blinds Collection

A modern kitchen with white walls and countertops features real wood blinds in a dark wood finish on two large windows.


Our Laredo collection features some of our most eco-friendly products. They are made from 100% basswood that is kiln-dried for durability and coated to resist scratches and damage caused by prolonged exposure to UV rays.

Laredo 2"

Starting at $86 USD | $111 CAD

This 2 inch wood blind is offered in a large selection of popular natural wood colors ideal for any room design. The Laredo 2 inch wood blinds can be customized with upgrades including a designer valance, trapezoid bottom bar, decorative tape and our "intimacy" feature with no pinholes in the slats.

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Laredo 2 White
Laredo 2 White Dove
White Dove
Laredo 2 Maple
Laredo 2 Golden Oak
Golden Oak
Laredo 2 Pecan
Laredo 2 Cherry
Laredo 2 Walnut
Laredo 2 Espresso
Laredo 2 Pewter
Laredo 2 Ash Wood
Ash Wood

Laredo 1"

Starting at $111 USD | $146 CAD

The Laredo 1 inch wood blind provides a sleek and modern look and is a great option for smaller windows. Our 1 inch wood blind is available exclusively in white.

Laredo 1 White

Customize According to Your Needs


Add the convenience of tilting the slats of your blinds open and closed with a touch of a button. This feature is compatible with a single blind or multiple blinds on adjacent windows. The motorized tilt feature is a great option for those hard to reach windows.

Cord Tilter

Tilt your blinds open and shut quickly and easily with the pull of a cord. Cord tilters are durable and great for larger blinds.

Wand Tilter

Achieve an aesthetically pleasing look with fewer cords and uncompromised functionality. Adding a wand tilter allows you to keep both cord lift and tilt on the same side of the blind.


Create a clean look by eliminating the cords on your wood blinds. Our cordless option helps keep kids and pets safe.

Decorative Fabric Tape

Accent your blind by adding a decorative fabric tape from our selection that will enhance your décor.


Choose our intimacy feature and your blinds will be constructed with no pinholes in the slats, giving you maximum privacy, keeping out more light during the day and providing optimal insulation.


An ideal solution for side-by-side windows, two blinds on one headrail will provide a clean look while allowing you to operate the two blinds separately.


Three blinds on one headrail is an elegant solution for large side-by-side windows. This option provides a clean, uncluttered look and the ability to operate each blind independently, making it easier to raise and lower.


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Real Wood Blinds FAQ

What is the difference between Real Wood Blinds and Faux Wood Blinds?

Our wood blinds are made from kiln-dried basswood, which is naturally lightweight making them easier to lift up and down than faux wood blinds. Wood blinds also offer the unique and natural beauty of wood with natural textures and visible variations like pine knots, tiger stripes and interesting grain patterns. As a natural material, our real wood blinds also provide slightly better insulation than faux wood blinds because they absorb more heat and cold.

How do I clean my real wood blinds?

To keep your wood blinds looking their best, use a soft cloth or duster to remove dust from the slats. For long lasting beauty, occasionally treat the wood with lemon oil or any other product designed for fine wood.

What is the difference between "inside mount" and "outside mount"?

With an inside mount the blind fits within the window opening, giving a generally cleaner look that is flush with the wall. With an outside mount the blind is mounted above the window frame, which is necessary when there isn't enough depth within the window to mount the blinds.

How much Depth do I need for an Inside Mount?

At least 3½" of depth is required for real wood blinds to be fully flush with your window frame. If you have less than 1” it is best to do an outside mount.