Our real wood blinds can be described with 2 words, sophisticated and traditional. A true classic, they bring a pleasantly warm feeling to any space in your home. The wood blinds are available in beautiful wood colors, such as golden oak, mahogany, walnut, and espresso.
Made from 100% Basswood

Made from 100% Basswood

Kiln dried wood  coated to protect against harmful U.V rays and resist scratching.
Finished Look

Finished Look

The natural beauty of wood has many unique characteristics including pine knots, tiger stripes, and grain patterns.
Light in Weight

Light in Weight

Light in weight making it great for large windows.

The Real Wood Blind Collections

Laredo 2"

Key Features

  • Large neutral color selection
  • Wood is klin dried
  • Natural beauty of wood

More Info

10 colors
  • Laredo 2 White
  • Laredo 2 White Dove
  • Laredo 2 Maple
  • Laredo 2 Golden Oak
  • Laredo 2 Pecan
  • Laredo 2 Cherry
  • Laredo 2 Walnut
Real wood blind with fabric tape finishes the look of this contemporary kitchen

Laredo 1"

Key Features

  • Comes in 2 popular wood colors
  • Only 1" wood blind available
  • One of our many eco friendly products

More Info

2 colors
  • Laredo 1 White
  • Laredo 1 Golden Oak
1 inch real wood slat gives a modern twist to a traditional wood blind



Real Wood Blinds FAQ

What is the difference between Real Wood Blinds and Faux Wood Blinds?

Our wood blinds are made from kiln dried basswood. They are light weight therefore much easier to lift up and down unlike faux wood blinds. Wood blinds also offers a unique and natural beauty giving a warm feel to your decor. Some natural textures include pine knots, time stripes and grain patterns. Being a natural material, our real wood blinds also offer insulating value.

How do I Clean my Wood Blinds?

To keep your fine wood blinds looking their best, use a soft cloth or duster to remove dust from the slats. For long lasting beauty, occasionally treat the wood with lemon oil or any other product designed for fine wood.

What is the difference between Inside Mount and Outside Mount?

An inside mount is when the wood blind fits within the window opening, this generally gives a cleaner look. An outside mount is when the wood blind is mounted above and around the window frame and is used when there isn't enough depth within the window

How much Depth do I need for an Inside Mount?

You need at least 3 1/2 “of depth for you wood blinds to be fully flushed to your window. If you have less than 1 “ it is best to do an Outside Mount.