Over the sink is a prefect spot for this black solar shade helping keep out the heat.

5% Eco

Solar Shades

These fresh and breezy designs will bring new life to your windows. Solar shades are made out of polyester weave with a 5% openness. They are durable, easy to clean and great at protecting against harsh glare.
Solar shades help keep out the harsh sun and UV rays making them a great window treatment option for rooms that get a lot of sun

UV Protection

All the solar shades allow different amounts of light to filter through the shade

Light Filtering

Solar shades offer a clean simple look that works with any modern decor scheme


Different weaves, colors, and designs assure that you'll find a window treatment that fits your room

Wide Variety of Colors

For large windows, the solar shade is a great option due to its light weight


The simplicity of the solar shades makes a designers best friend since they can work just about in any room.

Designer Approved

Available Colors

Milan Foam
Milan French Vanilla
French Vanilla
Miami Mocha
Miami Chocolate
Miami Grey Mist
Grey Mist
Miami Black

Available Options

Configure product with mechanism function on the left.

Chain Left

Alternative valance finish covering up the fabric roll.

Royal Valance

Configure product with mechanism function on the right.

Chain Right

Sidewinder is perfectly suitable for large windows making it easy to maneuver the product from close to open position.


Cordless mechanism option, giving the roller shade a very clean finish.

Spring Roller

Fabric cassette valance is great to cover up the fabric roll at the top of the shade, perfect for a clean finished look.

fabric cassette valance

Traditional looking roller shade with no valance covering the fabric roll

No valance