Move is the easiest way to motorize your existing shades.

MOVE works with
Cord Loops
MOVE works with any continuous cord loop
Beaded Chains
MOVE works with any continuous metal or plastic beaded chain
Pull Cords
MOVE works with any traditional pull cord

Move Specifications

Width: .1.5"
Height: 4.25”
Depth: 1.5”
Rechargeable battery
Width: 1.5"
Height: 3.0”
Depth: 1.5”
Lithium iron battery
Solar Panel
Width: 2.125"
Height: 9.25”
Depth: .25
Bluetooth low energy
System Requirements
Android 4.4 or higher
IOS 9.0 or higher
Lift Capacity
Approximately 72” x 72”


Can MOVE be used with any companies shades?

Yes, as long as the mechanism is a beaded chain, continuous loop, or a pull cord.

What types of shades does the MOVE device work with?

MOVE works with beaded chain, continuous cord loop, and pull cord.

How much depth do I need to install the MOVE unit on the inside?

The MOVE unit itself requires 1 1/8” inches, however in order to operate without any interference of the existing shade customer must have 2” of depth in front of the shade in order to mount the device.

My beaded chain seems too small (or too large to fit inside the spool)?

MOVE is best used with 6mm or 12mm size beaded chain-customer should contact manufacturer to determine what size chain was used. BTG products are with a …size chain

Can the app for MOVE work with more then one phone?

YES. However, the limits can only be set by one phone. If a second phone tries to recalibrate the limits, the limits from the first phone wont be saved and that unit should be deleted from the phone a reprogramed.

How do I know when I need to recharge my MOVE unit?

The LED light on the battery back will flash one red light once every minute, this will indicate 20% low battery

The LED light on the battery pack will blind one red light every 30 seconds to indicate 10% low battery

Can the MOVE work with my smart home systems?

At this time MOVE is not compatable with smart home systems but we are working on a device which will use Zwaves and have this capability

The motor is spinning but my shade is not moving?

This can happen for the pull cord unit if the mechanism in the blind becomes locked. In order for the shade to go up and down the mechanism must remain unlocked. Customer should double check mounting location to ensure the device is mounted properly allowing for the mechanism to remain unlocked.

What IOS or android systems does the MOVE unit work with?

MOVE works with android 4.4 kitkat and beyond as well as IOS version 9 and beyond.

I am trying to recalibrate the limits but the limits wont save?

If the unit is flashing green LED lights rapidly then the unit is not in calibration mode.

If the unit is blinking green LED lights slowly then it is in calibration mode.

Flashing red LED lights rapidly for 10 seconds means unit is not detected.