E-Commerce Analyst

The E-commerce Analyst is a member of the digital marketing team responsible for leveraging analytics to drive results and support the e-commerce business. He/she works directly with the marketing and operations team, providing them with analysis and insight that improves the e-commerce business.

  • Review advertising and promotional campaign and optimize for online customers
  • Analyze catalog and sample programs and recommend ways to improve effectiveness
  • Analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaigns on web traffic e-commerce traffic and conversions and recommend ways to improve each campaign
  • Develop and maintain e-commerce dashboard that tracks key drivers of online sales
  • Analyze marketing metrics to identify cause-effect relationships and suggest ways to use these insights to increase e-commerce business
  • Provide data/analysis to operation team to support decisions and ensure that resources are allocated to activities that most impact e-commerce sales
  • Work with marketing manager to design online consumer research that offers insight into customer behavior and recommend programs that attract new customers
  • Review and analyze multiple points of customer contact using CRM to more accurately measure effectiveness of existing programs
  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, economics or statistics
  • Minimum two years experience as e-commerce or marketing analyst
  • Experience in retail, consumer products or service or consulting business
  • Working knowledge of database marketing, email marketing, statistical analysis
  • Strong analytical, problem-solving, data manipulation and planning skills
  • Strong computer skills including Excel, Google Analytics, relational databases, etc.
  • High level of self-motivation and intellectual curiosity
  • Good oral and written communication skills

We will invest roughly three months setting up the e-commerce analyst for success at BTG. The analyst needs to develop a strong knowledge of sales, business and marketing process, and relationships. The development plan will be individualized but will include time in stores understanding the customer, how our products are sold, and BTG’s competitive advantage.