All About Custom Roman Shades

Find out all about Roman shades and where they will shine the most in your home.

Roman shades offer a blend of classic style and modern practicality, making them a favored option for those seeking more than just privacy from their window coverings. In this blog, we'll dive into the world of custom roman shades for windows, exploring their history, design variations, how to incorporate them into your living spaces, and how they compare to other window treatments in price.

Close up image of a tan classic-pleat style Roman shade.

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What Are Roman Shades?

Roman shades are fabric window shades that are made with one main piece of fabric that raises up from the bottom and neatly folds in a stack at the top when opened. Classic style, or classic pleat, Roman blinds for windows are constructed to look as if they have billowy folds of fabric, even when in the closed position. Newer, more modern styles of Roman shades for windows will have a flat appearance when let down in the closed position and will only appear stacked when raised to the open position.

A modern living room features three windows covered with flat roman shades.

A Glimpse into Roman Shades' History

Roman shades for windows are thought to have originated about 2000 years ago, when gigantic swathes of fabric were used to shade the Roman Colosseum. They provided shade for the colossal amphitheater that could hold upwards to 80,000 spectators. The retractable shades were made from material similar to ship sails and controlled by seasoned sailors. Once a window treatment for the upper class, the Roman shades of today are available in a wide range of materials and with various lift mechanisms, from corded or cordless to motorized with voice or remote control.

Different Styles of Roman Shades

Roman shades are available in several different styles. So whether you're drawn to a minimalist, contemporary look or a more traditional and ornate style, Roman shades can be tailored to suit your preferences. Here are a few popular or best roman shades styles available at Blinds To Go:

Waterfall Roman Shades: Streamlined and minimalist, Waterfall roman shades have a flat, seamless, sleek look that can be casual or formal depending on the surrounding decor.

A three side-by-side bedroom windows feature waterfall Roman shades

Flat Roman Shades: Flat roman shades have contemporary seamed folds. They lay flat when in the fully down and closed position and when raised up they stack into neat folds giving them a modern, tailored appearance.

A bedroom has a bedside window covered with a flat Roman shade

Classic Roman Shades: Soft, dimensional folds lend Classic roman shades an elegant yet modern take on drapes. They add a touch of elegance to any space.

A window above a vanity features classic Roman shades.

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Incorporating Roman Shades into Your Home

Roman shades are so universally appealing that they can add to the design aesthetic of any room or any decor. Read on for tips on incorporating roman shades into different areas of your home.

Roman Shades in the Bedroom:
Select blackout or room-darkening fabrics to promote restful sleep, or light-filtering styles if you want some light to seem in in the morning. Classic Roman shades for bedroom will add a touch of luxury to your personal oasis, while flat styles will lend a modern feel. Choose whichever suits your personal decor style.

A modern bedroom in neutral tones has two windows that feature Roman shades.

Classic Fold Roman Shade

Roman Shades in Nurseries and Kids' Rooms:
Consider a classic neutral Roman shades for kids room to elevate a child's bedroom beyond curtains with bright cartoon characters and other motifs that your child will soon outgrow. Cordless roman shades options ensure that the safety of your window treatment will not be questionable and make them easy to use. And a lifetime warranty on the mechanisms and moving parts ensures that if they aren’t always treated with the utmost care, when being raised or lowered, you can bring them into a store at any point to have them restrung, or the mechanisms otherwise restored - no matter how long you have had them.

A modern nursery, features and olive tree and a large neutral roman shade covering two medium windows.

A Waterfall-Style Roman Shade

Roman Shades in Your Home Office:
Balance style and functionality with roman shades that offer light control and add style to your work space. Do you spend a lot of time in your home office? If so, consider giving this space a little extra style to make it feel even more inviting and professional.

A modern home office features Roman shades on a double window.

Flat-Pleat Roman Shade

Roman Shades in the Living Room:
Guests often gather in living rooms so many people want this room to really shine. Roman shades are popular in common areas like living rooms because they offer a high-style, polished look. They can be subtle and add just a bit of texture or they can be the focal point in a bold color or a lovely print. Roman shades for living room will elevate the decor but can also have a relaxed and inviting feel, depending on the style and colors that you choose for your custom fabric roman shades.

A modern living room features windows dressed with classic Roman shades.

Classic Fold Roman Shade

Roman Shades in the Dining Room:
Dining rooms are another room in the house where guests gather and many people style this room to be the jewel of their home, whether they plan to host fancy dinner parties or just want to celebrate that special time of the day when the family sits together to connect and recap their day. Create an inviting ambiance by selecting rich, textured fabrics, again, choosing flat styles for a modern or understated look and the classic, blousy look for a dressed up dining experience.

A modern, opulent dining room with a large table that seats ten and four windows covered with classic style Roman shades in tan.

Roman Shades in the Kitchen:
Kitchens are another popular place where people gather. You may put a lot of thought into the design of the common areas of your home, like the living room and dining room, but don’t forget where people always end up when you have company over…invariably it is always the kitchen. Consider Roman shades for kitchen in lighter fabrics that allow natural light to filter through while still offering privacy.

A white Roman shade with subtle flecks of grey and flat style pleat adorns a large window of a sink in a modern kitchen

Roman Shades in the Bathroom:
It’s decadent, yes. But don’t let that stop you. Bathrooms often have few windows or only one small window and so can be quite cost-effective for a window covering of a slightly higher price point. So if you are curious we encourage you to price out a Roman shades for bathroom for small spaces. You may just find that it make sense to upgrade to a roman shade.

A small, modern bathroom features a Roman shade with a decorative marbled print.

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Are Roman Shades Affordable?

Roman shades used to only be an option for the wealthy and while that is no longer the case, they are also not the shades for those on a tight budget. Because they are made of fabric they will always start at a higher price point than almost any window treatment made of metal, PVC or plastic/polymer, like faux wood blinds, aluminum blinds, or vinyl vertical blinds. A fabric or cloth window shade requires sewing and roman shades often require hand stitching as well as machine stitching. You can find "roman shades" at very low price points but at Blinds To Go we pride ourselves on owning and running our own factories, where we invest in our people, pay competitive wages, and foster pride in the product. So are they affordable? We don’t think they can be made ethically for any less than we make them. We commonly have people come into our showrooms with a budget in mind who decide that they will by more cost effective window treatments like classic cellular shades, aluminum blinds, and faux wood blinds in less frequently used rooms so that they can spend a little more in common areas or the one room that really matters to them, be it a living room, a dining room, or a home office. So don’t say “no” to yourself until you have priced out all of your window treatment needs.

How Much Do Roman Shades Cost?

Pricing out custom roman shades requires considering multiple factors. How large is your window? Do you want your shades cordless, motorized, or corded (where available)? Do you want to mount inside the window frame or outside? If you want an inside mount, what is the depth of your window frame? What fabric do you want the shade to be made out of? Do you want your shade lined? If so, do you want it lined for light-filtering roman shades or blackout roman shades. All of these questions have answers that will affect the price of your shade? We would be happy to price out a roman shade for you any size, fabric, or mechanism for you online or in a showroom. Just have a rough idea of your window measurements, including the depth of your window frame, when you call or stop by a showroom. You can even order free roman swatches of different fabrics so you can see and feel what makes the difference for different window treatments with roman shades.

A modern bedroom with two side-by-side windows are dressed with waterfall roman shades paired with drapes

In conclusion, Roman shade is a versatile and timeless window treatment option that effortlessly marries elegance with functionality. Their design variations, benefits, and customization options make them a fantastic choice for any room in your home. Whether you're aiming for a modern or traditional look, roman shades can help you achieve the perfect balance of style and comfort. Explore the wide range of options available, and elevate your windows to new levels of beauty and sophistication. We invite you to come into a showroom today, where you can feel the fabrics, get quotes, and see and use the actual window treatments themselves.

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