Cozy Up with Layered Curtains and Drapes

Delve into the cozy art of layering drapery on top of other window treatments and learn the many benefits of doing so.

As the seasons transition and the allure of a snug and inviting space beckons, you may find yourself drawn to add more cozy design elements to your home. At Blinds To Go, we understand that the perfect window treatment isn't just a functional addition; it's a pivotal element in crafting a space that is warm and comforting.

Layering drapery is the perfect way to add coziness to any space. Adding drapes or curtains lets you add textures, fabrics, and colors in a way that not only elevates the visual appeal but also envelops the room in comfort. In this article, we delve into the cozy art of layering drapery on top of other window treatments and the aesthetic and practical benefits of doing so.


For the purpose of this article we will use the terms “curtains” and “drapes” or “drapery” interchangeable, often leaning more towards “curtains” for lighter fabrics, like sheer linens and cottons, and towards “drapes” for heavier, more substantial fabrics like velvets and thicker cottons and wool blends.

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Layering Cozy Drapes with Sheer Linen Curtains

A double curtain rod features sheer white curtains just inside of a set of velvet drapes in greenish blue on a wall of windows and glass doors.

Pairing two styles of curtain on one window or set of windows is one way to add depth and functionality to the window treatments in any room. When drapery styles are mixed in such a way it is often a sheer curtain paired with a drape made from a thicker or heavier fabric, like velvet or a thicker, soft, brushed cotton. Pairing these two types of curtain together adds functionality, allowing you to have either a lot of incoming light or to block all the light by closing the heavier drapes. The two main ways to achieve this is to have either a double rod that will hold sheers on the inner rod (closest to the window), and the heavier drapes on the outer rod.

Purple velvet drapes share a rod with cream sheers on four large windows in a modern living room.

A second technique is to hang both sheers and heavier drapes on the same rod. In this arrangement the sheers are usually positioned in the middle, flanked on both sides by the heavier drapes. This style is often preferred by those who want to change out their curtains seasonally, having only sheers hanging in the summer months.

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Layering Drapes Over Window Blinds

Window blinds have a very clean, angular look so many people layer them with drapes to lend a soft look. Layering drapery with blinds also adds insulation and light control to a window treatment that otherwise has many light gaps and provides less insolation than a fabric window treatment. Layering sheer curtains over blinds that are tilted open allows soft filtered light to come in and when the curtains or drapes are drawn open they make a lovely frame for the blinds and window.

Aluminum blinds are paired with curtains on two windows in a modern bedroom

Layering Drapes or Curtains Over Window Shades

The possibilities are endless when layering curtains and drapes over fabric shades. Start with our sheerest cellular shades and layer with sheer curtains for dreamy layers of diaphanous fabric and watch the light dance in your room. Or layer a cozy velvet drape over a sheer cellular shade and add light control and extra insulation to a window that can now let in tons of light while providing privacy or be completely dark, with the curtains drawn. Add sheers or heavy drapes to a window that already has blackout roller shades and customize your layers of privacy and light control. The combinations are limitless.

Light-filtering drapery in a lovely light turquoise blue color cover and entire wall with large windows that are also covered in cream colored cellular shades.

Layering Drapes or Curtains for Insulation

One of the remarkable advantages of layering drapery is its adaptability to changing seasons. As winter approaches and the chill settles in, you can opt for thicker, insulating drapes that provide an extra barrier against the cold. When spring arrives, you can easily swap them out for lighter, sheer options that will invite the sunlight in. This flexibility ensures that your space remains inviting year-round.

A modern bedroom features three large windows with blackout cellular

Layering Drapes or Curtains for Seasonal Decor

Layering fabric curtains or drapes over blinds and shades not only insulates a room better than blinds or shades alone, it also gives the cozy layered look that is so desirable during the chilly months. Like a scarf over a sweater, soft thick cotton velvet drapes will look warm and cozy and will make any room feel more warm and inviting.

Blue velvet drapes are paired with tan linen roman shades on two large windows in a modern bedroom.

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Why Layering Curtains is One of the Easiest Decor Updates You Can Make

Not only is the layering trend a practical and elegant way to upgrade your decor, it is also one of the easiest updates you can make. You can dabble in this trend by adding curtains to your preexisting shades or blinds or by adding shades or blinds to the curtains or drapes that you already have. Add sheers to blinds or shades in the summer and switch them out for heavier drapes in cooler months. Or add drapes in the winter and remove them in the summer for the modern look of blinds or shades alone. There are so many combinations to choose from and you can change it up anytime you like.

Peach colored tweed drapes hang from a brass rod and are paired with tan woven wood shades in a modern bedroom.

At Blinds To Go, we believe that the art of layering drapery is at the heart of cozy living. As you embark on your quest to craft the coziest of spaces, remember that layering drapery isn't just an interior design technique – it's a celebration of comfort, aesthetics, and personal sanctuary. Experience the many benefits of layered drapery with our exquisite collection of window treatments, and watch as your space evolves into a haven of cozy luxury.

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