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Learn all about a favorite window treatment of the pros

Before I became an expert on window coverings, every apartment I ever lived in had blinds on all of the windows. I never really gave much thought to what window treatments were out there and what my personal preferences would be for my own home. After being introduced to Blinds To Go, where I work as a Design Consultant, I learned all about the different types of window treatments, from panel tracks to shutters. I would say that my personal favorites of all the window treatments are Sheer shades: Cascade and Serenity® sheer shades.

An elegant dining room with a large dining table features three windows partially covered with white Serenity sheer shades in a closed position looks out on to a spacious wooded yard.

Serenity® Dawn in Chiffon

Modern & elegant window shades with the functionality of blinds

Both Cascade sheer shades and Serenity® sheer shades are modern and elegant window treatments that offer lots of light as well as privacy. Cascade sheer shades are sleek banded shades that are often referred to as “zebra shades” because of their stripes of alternating sheer and opaque materials. Serenity® sheer shades function similar to traditional ridged blinds, but with fabric instead of the traditional aluminum, vinyl or wood slats/vanes.

Serenity® sheer shades:

A close-up of Serenity® sheer shades

Cascade sheer shades:

Sheer shades allow full view of the outside without having to pull the entire shade up. And both are available in a variety of beautiful and versatile neutral tones. If you are looking for a light-colored window treatment in the white family, the Cascade Elegance in Cloud or the Serenity® III Powder are two popular options that will go with any decor palette. Looking for Bold colors? Our eye-catching Cascade Olivia Coal or Serenity® III Charcoal will make a statement in any room. Do you love a ton of sunlight? The Cascade Elegance and Serenity® III collections are light and sheer and will maximize the amount of the light coming through your windows. Do you want rich texture? The Cascade Sante Fe and Serenity® Dawn III are stunning and full of character with their delicate, understated woven patterns.

A modern dining area and kitchen with large windows covered in light tan Cascade sheer shades

Cascade Sante Fe in Toasted Almond

Dress up your bedroom with functional sheer shades

Our elegant sheer shades are a popular option for common rooms, like living rooms and dining rooms. However, they are also perfectly suited for bedrooms because they are available in such a wide range or colors and room-darkening materials. Our Cascade RD (room darkening) or Serenity® Eclipse (also room darkening) are perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to wake up with the sun - like myself.

A beautiful light grey bedroom with grey Cascade Sheer Shades in the down and open position

Cascade Elegance in Eclipse

Fully customizable cordless and automated sheer window shades

You can further customize your sheer shades by choosing how you want them to open and close. Until recently a sturdy plastic chain that matched the shade or a sleek silver metal chain where the controls for the base model of sheer shades at Blinds To Go. Recent government regulations banning the sale of corded window treatments for residential use have made Canada a leader in child and pet safety in the home. While corded products are still available in branches of Blinds To Go located in the US. Interest in cordless window treatments has been growing alongside the growing interest for smart home devices and the rise in clean, modern home decor trends. Cordless options for Serenity® and Cascade sheer shades range from hand operated tilting, raising, and lowering to motorized operation. Motorized options contain a well-hidden motor in the headrail of each blind or shade and they can be powered by rechargeable batteries or hardwired into the electrical system in your home. Motorized shades represent a new level of convenience in your home and are especially helpful for hard-to-reach windows or multiple windows situated side-by-side. The motors are even compatible with Alexa for voice-controlled shades.

Serenity® Sheer shades cover a large window behind a sink in a contemporary kitchen.

Serenity® Shadow in Birch

Modern Serenity® sheer shades and Cascade zebra shades are suitable for any room

While sheer shades are one of the more luxurious window treatments offered at Blinds To Go they are also available in a wide range of prices and at Blinds To Go we offer price matching to guarantee the best price. Both Cascade and Serenity® sheer shades can be mounted inside or outside the window frame with no trouble and the way they hang vertically makes them resistant to dust accumulation. Soft, elegant, and versatile sheer shades make a statement and beautify your home. They are suitable for any room in any home and can be used in any window or door, big or small. Consider Cascade or Serenity® sheer shades if you are looking for a trend-forward, versatile window treatment to beautify any room in your house.

- Lenora Fores Roso, Training Ambassador, Blinds To Go
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