Are Vertical Blinds Outdated?

A common question many people ask is “Do people actually still buy vertical blinds?”

Do people actually still buy vertical blinds?

The answer is "definitely". Vertical blinds continue to stay relevant because they are functional and available in increasingly modern fabrics and materials. Read on to learn more about the solutions that they offer for the most difficult to dress windows and doors in your home.

White vinyl vertical blinds cover a large window in a contemporary dining area.

Vertical blinds on sliding glass doors, patio doors, and french doors.

Vertical blinds remain a popular treatment for sliding glass and french doors. The fact that they move in much the same way as a sliding glass door and can cover large areas makes them an easy choice for patio and sliding glass doors. They are a great window treatment for large windows because they are relatively light weight, which makes them easy to operate and they can be configured to open from left to right or right to left, to match the way that your sliding glass door opens. They can also provide a lovely frame for large windows and glass doors by opening from the center.

Few window treatments frame a large window or glass door better than vertical blinds or vertical sheers, which are a softer more sheer version of traditional vertical blinds. Vertical blinds are also ideal for extra large windows. When you begin to search for a covering on a window that is 10 plus feet in size, your options become quite limited. Again verticals are a common suggestion and solution to a situation such as this, as they can go up to 16 feet wide. With the various colors and styles that are offered, they pair well with more decor styles than ever before.

Grey sheer vertical blinds are partially closed in large contemporary bedroom.

Light control and vertical blinds

Vertical blinds offer customizable light control varying from completely open slats to slightly tilted and all the way to room-darkening when vinyl options are in the fully closed position. Having the option to tilt or open your blinds completely allows light to simply travel through your home, illuminating the entire room with just the pull of a cord or the twist of a wand.

In conclusion, vertical blinds provide an easy solution to problems people face with large glass doors. Vertical blinds in light-filtering, neutral fabrics and opaque room-darkening materials offer a timeless window treatment for the largest windows and doors in your home.

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