Modern options for the most durable blinds

If you are looking for modern window shades and blinds that will stand the test of time, read on.

Durability and window shades and blinds

Durability is a topic frequently brought up by our customers. Specifically, customers want trendy blinds that will best suit their personal needs and be there for years to come. Heat and sun damage and ease of maintenance are some of the most talked about problems for our clients when they are searching for a durable window treatment. In this article we will show you our most famous and sought-after styles that have become popular for standing the test of time. Here, we will dive deep into our products and every detail that makes them so special and durable.

Sheer black solar shades in a dining room.

Miami Solar shades in Black (5%)

Which shades will stand up best to harsh sunlight?

When sun damage and heat are your main concerns, we recommend sleek and modern solar shades. Solar shades will filter UV rays to protect your interior from harsh sun exposure, reducing the wear and tear on your leather furniture, wooden flooring, etc. Now, let’s get into specifics. Our solar shades are made of smooth woven vinyl, which is durable, lightweight, and does not transmit or attract heat. They are available in three main opacities, based on weave density: completely opaque or 1% offering the most privacy, 3-5% offering moderate privacy and a view of the outdoors, and 10% offering the most open view and least privacy. Our best sellers include the Manhattan in ‘Macchiato’, the Melbourne in ‘Winter White Chocolate,’ the Miami in ‘Black,’ the Barcelona in ‘Hazelnut,’ and the Tokyo in ‘Irish Cream.’ These types of shades pair wonderfully with industrial or contemporary homes as they offer a sharp contrast to the raw materials around —exposed bricks, wood and metal look luxurious next to solar shades.

A dining room with a wall of windows features beautiful caramel-colored cascades sheer shades.

Cascade Sheer Shades in Sante Fe Toasted Almond

Can a shade be sheer and durable?

Cascade sheer shades or "zebra shades" are one of our most versatile products because of the endless ways you can adjust their horizontal stripes for different amount of light and privacy. They are also surprisingly durable for a sheer window treatment. They are made from polyester fabric that is cut with a laser, making them less likely to tear or fray. Additionally, the fabrics are treated with a UV protector to keep them from discoloring. These blinds work well with any decor style. Our best sellers for minimalist homes include the Cascade Elegance in ‘Icicle,’ the Cascade Elegance Linen in ‘Smoke,’ and the Cascade Mod in ‘Snow Frost’ and ‘Jet.’ For traditional homes, the Santa Fe in ‘Toasted Almond’ and ‘Marble,’ add an extra touch of texture to complement the rest of the surroundings. These blinds can also be paired with drapery to soften their sharp lines.

A white and black day/night cellular shades in a playful modern home office.

Day/night cellular shades in a light-filtering and blackout combo

Which shades that are lightweight and durable?

Light-weight cellular shades, made of spunlace and bonded polyester are durable, dense, uniform, and less likely to fray and will complement the sleek decor in modern homes. In homes with more traditional decor, the clean lines of cellular shades bring a modern touch and offer a welcome contrast to an otherwise busy home. Our blackout cellular shades are lined with foil inside their cells, which further reinforces the spun lace and bonded polyester. A detail about our cellular shades is that the back is always white; this helps the blind reflect incoming heat. Our best-selling fabrics include the Smartcell II Blackout in ‘Spun Cotton,’ and ‘Flannel Gray,’ the Prestige II Blackout in ‘Van Deusen Blue’ and the Rio II Blackout in ‘Toasted Barley.’


Velvet Drapes in Indigo with Roman Shades in Mia Surf

Are curtains durable?

Our curtains and roman shades are available in a wide range of velvets, linens, silks, cottons and blends in modern hues that age beautifully and are easy to maintain. To protect the fabric of your drapes and curtains from the sun, light-filtering or blackout backings can be sewn into any fabric you choose. The backing on our roman shades is white, which keeps the heat from coming in and repels it. In our drapery collection, our best sellers include the Refined Linen Blend in ‘Mist,’ the Dow II in ‘Cloud,’ and the Mia in ‘Surf.’ Contrary to popular belief, draperies are great products for traditional, transitional or modern homes. They offer a blank card for our customers to decorate around. Our best-selling roman shades include the Nara in ‘Snow,’ the Tussah in ‘River Rock,’ and the Madrid in ‘Scarlet.’

Grey faux wood blinds hang in a window above a free-standing tub in a large bathroom

Wood Tones Lite faux wood blinds in Dim Grey

The most durable blinds and shades: Faux wood blinds and shutters.

Our faux wood blinds are famous for their durability. They hold up well in humid areas, like bathrooms and basements and are easy to wipe clean, which makes them a popular choice for kitchens and dining rooms. Faux wood blinds are are resistant to scratches, fading, and chipping and are an economical alternative to real wood blinds. Our faux wood blinds come in a wide range of neutral colors and wood tones and can be accented with fabric tapes and can even be purchased with motorized tilt.

A list or our most current and most durable products wouldn't be complete without mention of indoor shutters. Indoor shutters have reached new heights in popularity in recent years. They are suitable in a wide range of climates and fit in well with any decor. In costal climates, our Ideal shutters are popular because they hold up well in humid salty air. In cooler climates both Ideal and MorView shutters are popular because they both encase the entire window, providing superbe insulation. With their durability and easy-care maintenance, shutters will add beauty to the inside and the outside for years to come.

Shutters cover a large window above the sink in a modern kitchen.

Ideal Shutters in White

For clients worried about durability, our design consultants have a wide range of products that they can recommend with confidence. On top of having amazing products, we want to remind you that we are guaranteed for life on all manual mechanisms. Most chains, cords, and cordless mechanisms can be customized with no additional charge. Plus, we are guaranteed five years on all motors, and seven years on all motorized accessories. Essentially, we got it all covered and figured out for all your window treatment needs.

- Jade Moubarak, Design Consultant, Fabreville, Québec
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