Easy Decor Updates For Summer

Consider adding bold and bright shades or curtains as a lively update to any space.

Summer is the perfect time to add color

Summer is the perfect time to add color to your home with bright, fresh and bold fabrics. As we pull out colorful pillows, woven throws and the rest of our summer decor we transform our homes for the season. Having the perfect bold window treatment in place instantly finishes the transformation. The right color and texture on a window can completely elevate your space to the next level of finishing. The question is, when and where to put a bold and colorful covering on your windows.

Turquoise drapes add a pop of color to a modern living room

Drapes in Mia Teal

Living rooms are a great place to add color with vibrant blinds and shades

Whether you have modern decor that lends to bright, bold colors, or a classic style full of deep beautiful hues, the living room is the perfect space to make your statement. By picking pops of color from elsewhere in the space you can beautifully tie in your window treatments to the rest of your decor. Roller and cellular shades are the perfect shape for a modern space, and come in a wide range of bold, bright statement colors. Roman shades are the perfect traditional window covering, that can also be done with a modern twist. With a wide variety of patterns, textures, traditional and modern color palettes, roman shades are an easy and elegant way to enhance any living space.

Child-safe cordless orange roller shades create a vibrant and secure play space in this kid's room.

Cameo Roller Shades in Terracotta

How to bring color into your bedroom

While the living room is for everyone, the bedroom is all about you. It's your private sanctuary, a space that is all your own and one you can make into whatever you like. It is easy to brighten up a small bedroom area, or enhance the aesthetic of your space with a colorful window treatment. We have anything from soft calming blues, bright patterns in red and yellow, and bold beautiful black. There are so many ways to make your most intimate space reflect your personal style. Room darkening, black-out, or just privacy from the outside world, we have the perfect covering to put the finishing touch on any bedroom window.

Waterfall-Style Roman shades in Madrid Scarlet

Waterfall-style Roman shades in Madrid Scarlet

A great place to try color in your home

Kitchens and bathrooms are often forgotten when styling windows in a home. These spaces are easy to overlook, but they are some of the easiest places to have fun and add some style to your home. Kitchens should be bright, inviting spaces at the heart of the home. A colorful patterned shade, or a simple, brightly colored blind will help make the kitchen a warmer and more inviting place to be. Bathrooms are also an easy place to have fun with color. Enhance your decor with a bold green, navy, or scarlet or match your fixtures with a black, gold, or silver shade. Whatever your personal style, we have a way to brighten any bathroom or kitchen.

Ease into color with beautiful drapes and curtains

Not so sure about going big, bright and bold? Need to add color to your current window treatments? Drapery might be the perfect product for you. And we are here to help. Whether you are using curtains as a solo covering, or as a layering piece, it is the easiest way to add a pop of color to any space in your home. Layering drapery over your current neutral covering adds a bit of style and depth to any space. It also allows you to style your room, without committing to an entire color scheme, as drapery is easy to remove and change in the future. Try a couple of accent panels in a seasonal color and enhance the look and feel of your room for an easy change. With any level of light filtering available, from sheer to completely blackout, drapery is perfect in any space.

Pink drapery provides a pop of color and is paired with woven wood shades in an otherwise white dining room.

Velvet drapes in Ash Rose

Let our design consultants help you with the boldest choice of all, the choice of a bold color. Bring pictures into the store, shop online, or let our in-home consultant come to you, and we will find the perfect color for every space.

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