Modern Farmhouse and Cottagecore Window Treatments

Learn more about Modern Farmhouse and Cottagecore and the blinds, shades, and curtains that best suit these decor styles.

Do you have fond memories of going on vacation in the country, where smells and scenery relax and comfort you and life moves at a slower pace? Or is this a scene that you long to experience for the first time. Whatever the cause behind this interest to go “back” to a simpler time, you are not alone. This longing for simplicity is taking the home decor world by storm under the name of “modern farmhouse” and more recently, “cottagecore” design. These home decor styles are the opposite of sparse modern design and are characterized by the use of reclaimed wood and artful arraignment of storied home goods, like antique baskets,books, and flower vases. Unfussy natural fabrics are characteristic of these decor styles; think rumpled linen, hand-embroidered cottons, and vintage lace.

Roman shades cover a two windows in a modern living room

Roman shades in a modern farmhouse living room

Modern farmhouse and cottagecore decor are thought to be a response to our ever-growing need to unplug and detach from a tech-obsessed culture, “rise and grind” culture. Whatever the reason, people are gravitating to cottagecore and modern farmhouse design more and more every year. If you want to learn more or are looking for some home decor inspiration read on for more on these two similar decor styles and the windows treatments that complement each.

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How are cottagecore and modern farmhouse design alike?

Cottagecore and modern farmhouse design share a lot of similarities. Think traditional materials like stone, reclaimed wood and a general absence of modern synthetic materials like polyester fabrics, plastic furniture, storage bins, and other plastic decor. Hardware on sinks and tubs in matte finishes gives fixtures an antique look and oversized square sinks cast in concrete or cement give the look of a custom item that is built to last. There is a strong undercurrent of sustainability in modern farmhouse and cottagecore decorating, as they both lean heavily into the use of items that appear to have been passed down through generations.

Roman shades cover three side-by-side windows in a modern farmhouse-style dining area.

Linen roman shades with a light-filtering lining

Both the cottagecore and modern farmhouse schools of design celebrate slight imperfections and nuance in texture. Rumpled linen bedding replaces the stark white crisp percale sheets that make a home feel like a hotel. Baskets and woven accents, in modern shapes and silhouettes, make rattan and wicker feel fresh again as they lean away from the rounded corners and bulky frames of the wicker furniture that was popular in the 1980’s and ‘90’s. Hand woven rugs and pillows provide texture and nod to the rich stories and values that are literally woven into artisan-made goods.

Exposed wood beams are a common design element, sometimes even added even where there is no structural need, just for the look of exposed wood. Both cottagecore and modern farmhouse design benefit from large windows, lots of light and open space. Plants, small potted trees, and really anything that nods to horticulture and farming will give a charming bucolic feel to any space – even in a small apartment in the middle of a big city. Consider, also, cut and dried flowers tied in bundles and hung from hooks, and rods or placed in vases. These are great mixed in the same room with live plants or on their own.

Light filters into a modern farmhouse living room through white cotton, length curtains

Lightweight cotton curtains

What’s the difference between cottagecore and modern farmhouse design?

There is a lot of overlap and mixing elements in these two decor styles, so it can be hard to tell where they differ. In general, modern farmhouse design will pair a lot of cream and tan wall colors and fabric accents with brown and tan wood and wicker elements, whereas cottagecore often leans a little more into floral fabrics and other more colorful fabrics, including handmade quilted or hand-embroidered fabrics, and floral rugs and even wallpaper.

Cottagecore is traditionally a less spacious floor plan than modern farmhouse, which makes sense if you think of a cottage as cozy and a farmhouse as traditionally more spacious. Cottagecore decorating combines slightly more romantic and antique elements; think vintage suitcases, milk pitchers, and old books. Whereas the decor in modern farmhouse design tends to feel like newer elements that are made out of old-fashioned materials rather than actually old, themselves. Think modern a large modern couch upholstered in washed Belgian linen, rather than a small vintage sitting room couch that may or may not have been reupholstered in a pretty floral print or a jewel tone velvet.

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Drapes and curtains in modern farmhouse and cottagecore decor

What type of window treatments are best suited to cottagecore and modern farmhouse decor? We are so glad you asked. Window treatments are our specialty at Blinds To Go and we have a lot of ideas and opinions to share. We’ve already discussed the prevalent use of natural fibers in cottagecore and modern farmhouse design, so think linens, cottons and even raw silk, for beautiful texture in solid color fabrics. Drapes and curtains fashioned from the above materials are perfect for windows large and small.

Linen sheers cover a window but allow a vision of the outside

Sheer linen curtains

Sheer curtains and drapes in white and cream tones are especially popular in decor styles that celebrate the beauty of nature, like that of modern farmhouse and cottagecore. Linen sheers blow in the breeze, provide a beautiful, muted view of the outside and let in tons of light. They can be machine washed and dried in the sun and need not be perfectly steamed if you are going for a laid back look - but account for a little shrinking by washing them and drying them before you decide on exact rod placement. With curtains and drapes we suggest you avoid dark colors, that can block precious light during the day. If more light control or privacy is needed, consider pairing sheers with heavier drapes in fabrics like velvets, heavier cottons or heavyweight linen in neutrals tones, muted pastels, or rich jewel tones. Almost anything neutral works for modern farmhouse drapery and rumpled sheer white linen curtains are as welcome as perfectly pressed dove grey velvet drapes with crisp pinch pleats at the top.

The cottagecore design aesthetic also favors sheer linen curtains, and beyond that also leans heavily into florals and prints and embroidery with floral elements. Lace curtains aren't the go to curtain they once were but a new twist on that traditional style is white linen sheers with beautiful embroidered elements.

A stack of fabric swatches shows a small selection of floral printed and embroidered fabrics.

Drapery fabric with floral-themed embroidery and prints

Rods and other drapery and curtain hardware with simple finials in finishes like antique brass, matte black, and oil-rubbed bronze are particularly popular as these decor styles tend to lean away from shiny finishes in general. As for the hardware that mounts your curtain rod to the wall or ceiling, we recommend circular, over square shaped, mounts for the most traditional look. Pleated top treatments, grommets, simple backtab, and clip rings are popular styles for attaching the curtains to the rod in a clean, unfussy look that is in keeping with the vintage vibe interiors.


Unlined woven wood shades paired with cotton drapes

Woven wood shades in modern farmhouse decor

Perhaps the most popular window shade for both modern farmhouse decor is the woven wood shade. Available in beautiful, lightweight natural materials in neutral tones, woven wood shades pair beautifully with light cream décor for a look that gives a clean and open feel to any room. Woven wood shades, which are most often comprised of reeds, woven grasses and bamboo, compliment ratan accents like baskets, woven wood furniture, and jute woven rugs. Woven wood shades can be made with no lining, to let in tons of sun light, or they can be lined with a white cotton lining, that will still let in filtered light, but will insure full privacy. Blackout linings are available too, but they are less in keeping with an aesthetic that promotes letting in tons of light. Layer unlined woven wood shades with other window coverings, like drapes or a hidden roller shade, for more privacy and light control options.

Woven wood shades cover a large kitchen window

Rustic woven wood shades with lining cover a large window above a large farmhouse-style sink in a modern kitchen.

Roman shades in modern farmhouse decor

Roman shades are a close second in popularity to woven wood shades in modern farmhouse perhaps more so than cottagecore design. Roman shades in off-white linen have a simple clean neutral look that pairs well with similar textures and contrasting textures alike. They are particularly popular in the new flat and waterfall design, but the traditional classic pleat is also popular in modern farmhouse décor. Roman shades in a simple flat pleat style look simultaneously understated and luxurious, which is completely the vibe for modern farmhouse decor.

Roman shades cover a large window in a modern farmhouse-styled mudroom.

Light-filtering roman shades

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Modern farmhouse blinds

Real wood horizontal blinds, also call venetian blinds, are perfect for that modern farmhouse feel, with warm, real wood that is stained rather than painted, and showcase the charming character of the wood. Horizontal blinds, like bamboo or woven wood blinds, feature minor irregularities in their finish that add a lot of subtle charm to a space. These can also be paired with sheer curtains to add softness and to further frame your windows.

A modern dining room features real wood blinds in a natural wood finish on large windows.

Real wood blinds

Serenity sheer shades in modern farmhouse and cottagecore decor

Our Serenity® sheer shade is a surprising candidate for modern farmhouse decor at first glance, because they are not constructed from natural materials, like the cotton, linen, and woven reeds and grasses that are a hallmark of this design aesthetic, rather they are constructed of a sheer white or cream polyester. However, they share the same diaphanous nature as sheer linen curtains and although they are very modern, they are so understated and sheer that they really work beautifully in any situation, and modern farmhouse and cottagecore decorating are no exception.

A bright bedroom features Serenity sheer shades on three medium sized window.

Serenity sheer shades

The nice thing about home decor is that you can dabble in any of the styles you like with very little commitment. There is no need to knock down a wall and pull up the flooring. Just add in some extra cream fabric elements, and a modern basket or two in a room that already has sheer linen curtains, or replace the existing window covering with a woven wood shade that lets extra light peek in. Add a few plants or a small potted tree, like an olive tree, for an on-trend room update. Small changes can totally transform a room in a simple, inexpensive, and easily reversible way.

Remember to stay neutral and light in your colors and fabric choices for modern farmhouse and avoid packing too much in a room – leave a lot of empty space in the floor plan if possible. Try incorporating storied elements like an antique mirror, a stack of vintage books, or some flowers displayed in a set of vintage bottles, and then see if you want to go further with this design aesthetic. You can mix cottagecore with modern farmhouse style, or modern farmhouse with the more eclectic bohemian decor style, any combination of any styles is fine if you like it. The only rule is to make your space one that you love. There are endless resources on the internet to refer to for inspiration that will help you find what suits you. Bookmark a few and take some pictures of your space and bring it all into a Blinds To Go showroom or have a Shop-At-Home design consultant come to your home to get the big picture and offer design ideas and advice.

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