Kitchen Window Treatments

Kitchens have unique needs. Read on for inspiring and informative kitchen window treatment ideas.

They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where guests tend to gather, where we prepare meals, and the site of many impromptu family meetings and important moments. Yet when planning the decor we rarely give our kitchens window treatments as much thought as living rooms, family rooms, or even our bedrooms, because kitchens are thought of as a primarily functional space. But if we really think about how much time we spend in our kitchens, we may decide that they deserve as much attention as any room. At Blinds To Go, we recommend you decorate this important room with the most care and thoughtful planning. But remember that it is a working space and your choices need to be practical as well as beautiful. Read on for tips on choosing the best kitchen window treatments.

Beautiful real wood blinds in a natural tones cover a wall of windows in a modern kitchen with dark blue cabinets.

Real wood blinds

Be Practical When Choosing Window Treatments for Your Kitchen

Choose durable window coverings in the kitchen window. Splattering sauces, air-borne grease from cooking can settle on delicate fabrics over time even in the cleanest of kitchens. Of course if you are one of those people who never cooks in their kitchen, and keeps sweaters in the oven, you can put any window treatment that you like in your kitchen. But the majority of us will need to wipe down or degrease just about everything in our kitchen at some point. Window treatments like Shutters, Wood blinds, Faux wood blinds and Solar shades are the most popular and best window treatments for kitchens because they are so easy to keep clean and so low maintenance.

The Best Window Blinds For Your Kitchen

Horizontal blinds provide maximum versatility for privacy and light control, making them a great choice for a room that will be used throughout the day and night by all members of the family. Blinds To Go has faux wood and real wood blinds that come in a variety of modern neutral colors and wood tones from bright white to deep browns, so it is easy to match or complement any cabinets, countertops or backsplashes with either choice.

Faux wood blinds cover a large window in a cozy modern kitchen.

Faux wood blinds

Two-inch faux wood blinds are the frontrunner in popularity for kitchen blinds because they are so durable and easy to clean. All you need is a clean dry cloth or damp sponge to keep faux wood blinds looking new. Occasional use of a gentle household cleaner can be used to tackle grease build up. Real wood blinds are another popular choice for kitchen blinds. They are also easy to maintain with the occasional wipe down and add the subtle beauty of real wood tones that compliment modern and traditional kitchens, alike.

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The Best Window Shades For Your Kitchen

A shade is another practical window treatment for kitchens. Window shades, rather than slated blinds, will provide a modern, streamlined appearance that is popular in a wide range of home decors. They are well suited to both contemporary and traditional spaces and they are great for large windows.

A kitchen and adjacent dining nook both feature white roller shades

Roller shades

Roller shades for kitchen, with their clean lines and expansive color options are popular window treatments in all rooms and kitchens are no exception. Within the roller shade family, solar shades are perhaps the most popular for kitchens. Solar shades for kitchen are the easiest to clean and most resistant to stains. Solar shades also appeal to anyone who may want a shade that provides partial view of the outdoors, even when in the closed position. One of the most appealing features of solar shades is that they are available in many different “openness factors” for a wide range of options for privacy and view. Solar shades are also available in weaves that are completely opaque and provide 100% privacy. Because they are made of woven pvc, they are extremely hardy and easy to clean. Not only can you wipe solar shades with a damp sponge, if needed, they can also be lightly cleaned with a scrub brush, making them perfect for kitchen shades. Like all roller shades, solar window shades can be made with a variety of lift mechanisms, from motorized to cordless, and can be fitted with a fabric wrapped valance to provide a finished look.

In a modern kitchen with a sink window with a view of the outside, sunlight filters through black sun shades.

Solar shades

Woven Wood Shades in the Kitchen

Woven wood shades can lend a relaxed natural casual vibe to any space. Handwoven from natural grasses, reeds and bamboo, they have a timeless bohemian chill vibe that never goes out of style. In the past bamboo woven wood shades were most popular in sunrooms and beach houses but recently people have decided to bring that relaxing vibe out of the sunroom and share it with the rest of the house. The wicker trend is popular in modern farmhouse decor and eco-minimalist design and it is everywhere you look these days. We love that it's a trend you can just dabble in without making huge design changes, no need to repaint walls or redo your floors. Just pair some woven basket accents with a clean white backdrop and a few wooden, rattan, or other woven wicker items in the room to tap into this trend and create a relaxing space. Or add some wicker or woven wood pieces to an already eclectic room where the the more the merrier.

Rustic woven wood shades cover a large window above a large farmhouse-style sink in a modern kitchen.

Woven wood shades

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The Best Fabric Shades For Your Kitchen

Practical considerations aside, some people just want something soft and pretty in the kitchen. It is important to choose a window covering that you will enjoy looking at, not just what is most recommended for that room, especially in a room that is so central to your home. Roman shades for kitchen are an excellent choice for those who are design-conscious. Roman shades add a welcome softness and warmth to a room filled with hard surfaces, providing a nice balance to your decor if you are not looking for a minimal look. While it is true that they are not as easy to clean as wipeable faux wood blinds, there is nothing wrong with favoring “the look” of your window treatments over practical concerns. While the ability to clean a window treatment is a major consideration for many people shopping for them, many others know ahead of time that they will want to change the look of their decor every 5-7 years and knowing this they are more willing to go with a window treatment that is more delicate, trading ease of cleaning for a particular design look. And of course, a fabric with some texture and tonal variations will camouflage any small specks of dirt or dust than solid whites and solid light tones.

A modern kitchen features four windows partially covered with flat roman shades.

Roman shades

If you go with fabric shades in your kitchen, consider getting them with a cord (where available) or motorizing them so that you will rarely have to touch them, as you do when you get standard cordless shades. Standard cordless shades are adjusted by pushing up on or pulling down on the bottom bar of the shade and avoiding this will keep your fabric shade safe from stains that come from the residue on hands that can build up over time – especially in a kitchen.

Sheer Fabric Shades in the Kitchen

Sheer window shades can also add beauty and elegance in your kitchen. Our Serenity® sheer window shades are soft and modern, giving you the best of both worlds. We recommend that they not be placed in any “splash zones” in your kitchen. The exception to this rule is that they can be placed in these areas if you plan on having them pulled up often, or at least while cooking or washing dishes.

A large kitchen window features light grey Serenity sheer shades.

Serenity® sheer shades

Our Cascade sheer shades are popular due to their modern, innovative, and beautiful look, much like Serenity® sheer shades. Along with the beauty of sheer material that the share, they also can not just be wiped with a sponge like a wood, faux wood or solar shade. Many people choose sheer shades in their kitchens and dining rooms because they are such show-stopping window treatments that it is worth it to be a little more careful with them for the modern look that they provide. If you are going to have one item in your home that is light-colored and more difficult to clean window treatments are a great choice because they can be set up in a way that you literally never have to touch them, with motorization or traditional cords (where available) with the discreet, mountable safety sleeve.

A dining room with a wall of windows features beautiful caramel-colored cascades sheer shades.

Cascade sheer shades

Indoor shutters for kitchen windows

Indoor shutters, sometimes called “Plantation shutters” are becoming increasingly popular in common areas, bed rooms, bathrooms- and kitchens are no exception to this rule. Shutters have the durability and easy maintenance that make faux wood blinds so popular in kitchens and bathrooms, and common areas, alike. While their recent rise in popularity and custom look lend a modern look to any room. Cafe shutters for kitchen, cover only the bottom half of the window and are a modern nod to the cafe curtains of the past. Shutters are said to add value to your home and because they work well in any room many people like to put them in every room of the house that faces the street for a uniform look from the outside. Many people find them so fitting for any space that they will put them all throughout their house.

The dining area of an eat-in-kitchen features cafe-style shutters on the bottom half of the windows.

Cafe shutters

Kitchen Curtains: a traditional look

Traditionally curtains were the go-to window treatment for kitchen windows, often in cute kitchen-themed prints or the very popular gingham check print material. But as our perception of the kitchen shifts from a small overlooked corner of the home to the celebrated hub of activity that they are, people are spending more time and consideration on the kitchen’s design and decor.

Many modern kitchen window treatments have large glass windows or glass doors that look stunning with sheer curtains for kitchen that provide privacy and allow light to flow in. So curtains in the kitchen don't need to feel outdated. And the look of small short curtains in the window over a kitchen sink is a timeless look that people will return to time and time again. So we urge you to choose the style of window covering that speaks to you, take inspiration from the many blogs and influencers online and then choose what works best for your unique situation and interests.

A kitchen/dining room area features sheer white drapes on a glass door and white Melody sheer verticals on a large window.

Sheer drapes and Melody sheer shades

The best kitchen window treatment

By now you have realized that there is no such thing as a BEST kitchen blind or shade. Any type of window covering may be the right one for your kitchen. Kitchens are getting the same consideration as living rooms and dining rooms, which makes now a great time to make your kitchen look and feel like a room that you enjoy being in and are proud to display to others. The first step to making the right choice is to consider what your main concerns and needs are. Maybe shutters, drapery or Cascade shades would be better for you. Blinds To Go Design Consultants are always standing by to help you weed through all the possibilities and find the best option for the heart of your home.

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