How Shutters Fit Into Both Modern & Traditional Home Decor

Clean and Classic, Versatile Indoor Shutters Can Work In Any Space.

A spacious bedroom features shutters on a long window.

Indoor shutters, sometimes referred to as "plantation shutters " are a perfect choice for homes with traditional, transitional or modern decor. Our MorView Shutters and Ideal Shutters are sturdy, durable, and made locally. Such window treatments are easy to clean and offer incredible light control and energy efficiency. Let’s not forget that shutters resist cracking, warping, pests and chipping.

Shutters have stood the test of time.

Modern-day window shutters originated in England and were made from wooden boards. They were essentially constructed to properly ventilate and illuminate the rooms in which they were installed. Additionally, they protected the homes’ habitants from cold winds and hot weather. Now, custom window shutters are often associated with a more Victorian style, or its evolved distant cousin —the rural look. However, wood shutters are much more versatile and convenient than we think.

A modern bathroom features shutters on a window behind an opulent bathtub.

The two types of shutters available at Blinds To Go

First, our MorView interior shutters allow a timeless twist to an English classic. These indoor shutters add a touch of wood without overpowering your room with a country feel. The white color not only brightens up your space but creates a timeless feel. The removable louvres come in two different sizes, making this product versatile in terms of décor and light exposure. While our Ideal Shutters offer a further modernized take on traditional shutters, with smooth faux wood construction that is durable enough for all rooms in your house, including kitchens and bathrooms. This recent addition to our collection allows for flexibility in terms of mechanism; specifically, the tilt rods may be hidden inside the doors or placed on the louvres. The latter comes in two different sizes and three different colors to suit our clientele’s needs.

Three different white swatches of shutters laid on a table and labeled

Are shutters too traditional for a modern home?

Interior Shutters have a traditional look that works well in classically-styled homes. Homes with traditional decor are often accessorized with many different fabrics and textures. By choosing shutters, clients opt for a clean slate that allows their guests to focus on the home decor. The sleek look of shutters, with their sharp lines and non-texturized feel also work well with a minimalist for that same reason. Such shutters would also work with more contemporary and industrial decors; the exposed bricks, metal and wood in such homes will allow the shutters to shine and provide uniformity throughout the home.

Shutters in a modern living room with a blue velvet couch.

Overall, shutters are a great investment and can always be amped up and worked with according to a client’s décor or a client’s needs. Such window treatments add value and a touch of luxury in one’s rooms. Transform your living space with wooden made shutters from Blinds To Go! Purchase shutters now and give your home a stylish and sophisticated look.

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