Choosing budget-friendly window treatments for the entire home

Moving into a new place? Let the pros at Blinds To Go help you pick the best blinds and shades for your home and budget.

Buying a new home is an exciting time. With the whirlwind of happy emotions can also come the stress of putting all the pieces together on a budget to make a new house feel like home. Just like appliances, furniture, lighting, etc., window treatments usually have a budgeted amount per each individual homeowner. The pros at Blinds To Go can help you find the blinds, shades, drapery, and shutters that are best for your home and your budget.

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Don't be shy about your budget

One pro tip, tell your designer what that budget is. A lot of the time consumers are afraid to divulge this information. Sometimes they feel like the sales person will show them a product of lesser quality because of a lower budget, or that the sales representative may put less effort in due to lack of commission on the back end. People may also be worried that a commission-based salesperson will only focus on upselling to the absolute max of the budget. However, Blinds To Go design consultants are trained to meet your budget no matter what that number is, so tell them and let them narrow down the choices with their trained expertise. Come in to any showroom with rough estimates of your window sizes and a trained design consultant will give you quotes on several different products in different price ranges so you can decide how much you want to invest not just in your home, but in the individual rooms.

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Prioritize your rooms

Once you have a number for the total project in mind, it’s time to come up with a game plan. There are products in the showroom that you can cover an entire house without breaking the budget and they’re beautiful, clean and finished looking. The other approach is figuring out which rooms are your priority. Sometimes customers want the living areas to have more pizazz because that is where guests will be. Other times, the master bedroom will be the priority because the home owner wants to feel like their room is their sanctuary. No matter what room the priority may be, focus there first. Maybe splurging in the priority room while keeping the other rooms in a lower budget can help fit the overall number.

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Let a Design Consultant, Iike Edy, help you shop within your budget.

An easy way to save money in most of our product categories is to look at our classic lines. Faux wood, light filtering cellular shades, blackout cellular shades, aluminum and vinyl mini blinds all have classic lines within the store. Also, Blinds To Go offers a budget friendly line in roman shades and drapery. There are ways to achieve an upscale look without making your wallet cry.

Don't ignore the unique needs of the windows in each room

Different requirements may steer you towards to certain products. For example, if you need to have blackout shades in a particular room, perhaps a bedroom, and your budget is tight you may find yourself leaning towards roller shades or other cost-effective room-darkening window treatments. But if you don’t need blackout/room-darkening shades in a bedroom there might be better options for you in faux wood, cellular shades, or another product line. Perhaps you have a room with really large windows or window in a damp/humid area like a bathroom or basement without much ventilation. At Blinds To Go we can help you navigate all your special requirements on a budget.

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Install your own blinds if you have to cut costs

Another way to save is by doing the installation yourself or having a handy friend or family member help. Labor can add to the project when you have a lot of windows. While I would ALWAYS recommend having our professionals measure for a nominal fee, once measurements are done most of the products are not difficult to install. This is a way you can save some money and put it into the window treatments instead.

Overall, the best thing you can do is find a number you are comfortable spending to start for the whole project. Don’t get overwhelmed with the process. Take it one room and one window at a time. Find your priority rooms and focus there first. Once you’ve done that you can see what you have left in the budget and how to maybe alter to fit the total project cost in mind. Don’t be afraid of secondary options, our design consultants are there to help! And at the end of the day, no matter the budget, you will be getting a quality blind in a price point that works for you.

- Sarah B., Market Manager, Remote Shop-At-Home Design Consultant, Arizona

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