What's trending in window treatments in 2022

As trends in home decor change, so do trends in window treatments.

Windows don't change much year to year, but how we cover them changes surprisingly often. As a design consultant I see many people come in our Blinds To Go stores looking to make the same changes. Lately people seem most interested in updating the look of their home, making their place safer and making rooms multifunctional.

A modern living room features grey roller shades.

Dublin Blackout Roller Shades in Concrete

What are the latest trends in blinds and shades?

People come into our stores wanting to update their homes more and more these days. Maybe because you see the homes of celebs and influencers on social media so much. Maybe it is because home decor magazines are everywhere these days. Whatever it is, many people are looking around their own homes and wishing they were nicer. Some people have outdated prints and patterns on their current window coverings or maybe an old fashion color. Current trends are moving home furnishings, flooring and window treatments away from bold prints through the whole house and moving towards solid neutrals and maybe a bold print in one room. In response to current trends many customers are coming into our stores and choosing more modern window treatments like Cascade sheer shades and Serenity sheer shades, to make their home look new. Roller shades have changed a lot in recent years and are trending because the clean look is a simple way to freshen up a room.


Cascade Sheer Shades in Sante Fe Marble

Home safety is always on trend.

Making the home safer for kids and pets is another popular reason that people come in to our store looking for new window treatments. Maybe they are welcoming a new baby or a new pet into the home. We see a lot of expectant mothers in our showrooms that are decorating a nursery for the first time and we always advise them to go cordless because cordless blinds and shades are safer for children and pets that can get tangled in the cords. But many people without kids and pets also seek the clean look of cordless products because they feel and look more modern. Our shutters are always cordless and durable and wipe clean too so they also a great choice for homes with kids and pets.

Home office trends

Updating the look of your home is not a new idea but lately people are looking to make updates that will help them use areas of their houses in different ways. What was a dining room when you purchased your house may have become an office or may now need to function as both a dining area my night and an office by day. Multipurpose areas and "zoom rooms" have become a thing and window treatments that open a room up and also shade the light when you need to see your computer screen are good for students and people work from home. Roller shades, solar shades and sheer shades are common requests for home offices because the offer superior light control with a clean look that feels modern and professional.


Classic Replica Faux Wood Blinds in White

Smart blinds and shades are on the rise

Motorized shades and blinds are trending as people move toward Smart home conveniences, especially in common areas like living rooms and dining rooms. Being able to raise and lower your shades with a remote or voice command definitely feels like an upgrade and is one of the easier high tech home upgrades that you can make to your home.

A woman adjusts remote-controlled wood blinds in a kitchen for light control.

Laredo2 Real Wood Blinds in Pewter with Motorized Tilt

Whether you are updating the look of your home because it is feeling outdated, looking to make your home safer for kids and pets or you have recently found that you need one or more of your rooms to function in more ways than one, our showrooms have an endless combination of window coverings for all the windows in all your rooms of your home. Come in and find exactly what you are looking for from shutters, roller shades or modern sheer shades, drapery and more.

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