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Why You Need Motorized Blinds & Shades

Believe it or not, there are certain situations wherein motorized isn’t just a trendy mechanism, but the best option.

Motorization is a great way to incorporate technology and ease of use with your window treatments. Although it has an added expense, the convenience and value of having automatic shades are unparalleled. Motorized is more than just a trendy upgrade. Here are a few situations wherein motorization should be considered:

A woman uses a remote to tilt otherwise inaccessible wood blinds in a recessed window over a kitchen sink.


Motorized window treatments can be a worthwhile option for arthritis sufferers or those with mobility impairments of any type. For some, operating window treatments, especially those with cords or wands, can be challenging. Having to simply push a button on a remote can alleviate barriers to ease and comfort in your home.

High Windows

Another example of the practicality of automated window treatments is the case of high windows. Difficult-to-reach windows are often seen in great rooms or hall areas. Some great rooms even have second-level foyers wherein windows and small spaces are across from stairs and the rest of the second floor. Prior to the availability of motorization, there were very few options for these unreachable windows -- either you settled for not being able to operate the window treatment, or you dealt with unsightly extended cords or wands. But now you can motorize these windows, granting yourself easy access and a clean look.


Room Layout

Sometimes, the layout of a room requires furniture be placed in front of a window. In such a case, getting to your window treatment and its controls may not be easy, especially if the furniture is substantial such as a couch or bathtub. Motorized window treatments are cleaver solution for such instances. You can still operate your window treatment and control your room’s lighting and privacy without having to lean over furniture or fixtures.

Five adjacent tall windows in a contemporary living room feature individual room-darkening roman shades in a neutral tan color.

If you have multiple windows next to one another consider motorization to synchronize them. Lower and raise multiple windows all at the same time and leave them partially raised or lowered at exactly the same height as one another. This option is great for bay or bow windows.

Motorization Options For Every Budget

Motorization of your window treatments may seem like a luxury but there are options for a wide range of budgets. If you are not in the market for new window treatments but could benefit from motorization, consider retrofitting your existing blinds and shades with our MOVE device. MOVE adds motorization to the window treatments that you already have, as long as they operate with cord loop or a beaded chain

A large window in a contemporary living room features the MOVE unit for retrofitting your existing blinds and shades with motorization capabilities.
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