How to choose window coverings for a bathroom

Which blinds and shades best address the unique needs of this intimate space?

Bathrooms are rooms that people often find difficult to style due to humidity and the constant need for privacy. Often, consultants will hear clients say that they want to decorate their space without compromising natural lighting. However, various window coverings will address all their concerns while adding a beautiful touch.

White faux wood blinds cover a large window in a bright bathroom

Classic Cordless Faux Wood Blinds in White

Roller shades for windows in the bathroom

First, roller shades are a perfect versatile product. If you are looking for a product that will allow intimacy and light, our consultants will often suggest light filtering roller shades. These are blinds that let all the natural light in while providing a barrier between the outside world and our clients' homes. These shades are perfect for humid spaces as the water does not damage the fabric. For maximum light, our consultants will often advise our clients to go with lighter colors. Our best sellers include the Hudson in 'Ice', 'Cotton", and 'Ash', the Cameo in 'Leche' or 'White', and the Leyton in 'Swan' or 'Oyster'.

Light grey faux wood blinds cover a large window in a contemporary bathroom.

Roller Shades in Amazon Slate

Solar shades for windows in the bathroom

If you experience heat problems in your bathrooms due to sunlight, our consultants may suggest solar shades . Depending on your needs, different styles may suit you. For example, if you are experiencing heat problems but wants to maintain intimacy, 1 percent solar shades are a must. Our best sellers include the styles Sydney and Dublin, which play the role of a light-filtering roller shade but with a little heat-controlling bonus! However, we often get clients where intimacy in a bathroom is not the main priority either because they are hidden by trees or have no neighbors. In that case, consultants will show our clients solar shades ranging from 3 percent and up, which will still allow protection from the heat but offer less intimacy as the percentage increases.

Semi-transparent solar shades cover three windows above a large free standing tub in a contemporary bathroom.

Barcelona Solar Shades in London Fog

Our most famous fabrics include the Manhattan in 'Macchiato', the Melbourne in 'Winter White Chocolate,' the Miami in 'Black,' the Barcelona in 'Foam,' and the Tokyo in 'Ice.' The reason why roller shades are a must-have product is because they are timeless and can be accessorized according to your décor style. Clients with rustic and bohemian-style homes will often add sheer drapery around the roller shade to soften the look.

Smart blinds in the bathroom

Additionally, if our clients' windows are in a hard-to-reach spot, our roller shades can be motorized with a wand or remote for easier access. Bathroom shades can be automated to open and close at certain times of day, for privacy that you don’t even need to think about. Automated blinds do not raise and lower, like automated shades do. Rather, with automated or “smart” blinds, the slats tilt open and closed via remote, app or voice control. A Hub may be added if clients want to control their blinds from their cellphone and set timers. The Hub allows you to set voice controls for you shades, raise and lower them as a group and set your shades to automatically adjust according to the position of the sun.

Light grey faux wood blinds cover a large window in a contemporary bathroom.

Aire Wood Grain Faux Wood Blinds in Driftwood

Faux wood blinds and shutters for bathroom windows

If roller shades are not your cup of tea, faux wood blinds and shutters may suit you better. These products are made from PVC making them sturdy, durable and indispensable in humid environments. Such window treatments are easy to clean and offer incredible light filtration, while resisting cracking, chipping, and warping. Our faux wood blinds come in various colors and textures; our best sellers include the Wood Tones Lite in 'White' and 'Dim Grey,' the Aire Wood in 'Bright White' and 'Titanium,' and the Aire Wood Grain in 'Teak.' On the other hand, our Ideal Shutters are a recent addition to our collection that allows flexibility in terms of mechanism; specifically, the tilt rods may be hidden inside the doors or placed on the louvres. The latter comes in two different sizes and three different colors to suit our clientele's needs. Faux wood blinds and shutters are sleek, and work for both industrial and rural homes as they provide uniformity and versatility; the louvres can be opened to let in sunlight when intimacy is not needed. Once again, depending on your décor, these products may be accessorized. If you want to catch the eye of your guests, faux wood blinds and shutters can be framed with light filtering curtains or sheers. This addition will soften the products' sharp edges, frame them, and add an elegant feel and movement to the room.

Shutters cover a small window above a standard tub in a bathroom.

Morview Shutters in White

Cellular/ Honeycomb shades for bathroom windows

However, you may want to add texture and layers to your bathrooms without combining products. Here is when our consultants may suggest cellular shades. These fabric blinds are another perfect product for humid environments as they are made from polyester. They offer complete intimacy without blocking natural light. Some of our best sellers include the Classic Cordless in 'White', the Smartcell in 'Natural Gray', the Prestige in 'Van Duesen Blue' and the Rio II in 'Crisp Linen'. Additionally, two cellular shades can be combined into one; for example, some clients will put a sheer fabric on top and a light-filtering and intimate one on the bottom. This combination allows them to see outside during the day through the veil, and to obtain intimacy when the time has come. Our best-selling combos include the Luxor and Rivera on top with any color in the Prestige or Rio II style on the bottom. The honeycomb look of cellular shades is fantastic to combat heat problems. The blackout version has aluminum inside the cells, making this product extremely insulating and practical.

Please note that cellular shades are only recommended for bathrooms with adequate ventilation. They are fabric and should be allowed to dry out and are not recommended for bathrooms that stay damp most of the time. If your bathroom stays damp you should consider faux wood blinds or shutters.

A large bright bathroom features day and night cellular shades.

Day/Night Cellular shades in Riviera Pure Cotton & Rio Cosmic

Overall, bathrooms are not so difficult to find window coverings for. Many stylish and handy products are available online, in stores or through at-home consultations to meet your needs. Our consultants and products are always there to help! Blinds to Go does make it easy.

- Jade Moubarak, Design Consultant, Le marché du store, Fabreville

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