Easy-Lift Blinds and Window Shades

Looking for window treatments that are easiest to open and close?

Tan woven shades cover three windows in a modern kitchen with cabinets that match the same shade as the shades.

Window treatments have the power to transform your home, to make it feel elegant or modern or cozy or eclectic. But your window treatments also need to be functional: to control light, provide privacy, and be highly functional. Window blinds or Window shades have come a long way from the corded, plastic mini blinds that are difficult to lower evenly or the white vinyl roller shades of yore that would slingshot up after you tug down on them and roll up flapping and slapping anything in their path. Modern window treatments are cordless, can be operated with a light touch and can be motorized and controlled by voice, mobile app, or remote control. If you are looking for windows that you can control with just one touch, or even less, then read on to learn about all of the easy-to-use options available at Blinds To Go. We'll delve into why choosing window shades that are easy to lift can make a significant difference in your daily life and the overall ambiance of your space.

Why choose easy-lift shades?

Why not simplify as much of your daily life as possible? Let's make everything easier. Whether you choose motorized blinds or shades for windows that are out of reach or for multiple windows that you want to synch together to open at a certain time in the morning, let smart home blinds technology simplify your home routine. Or for youngsters' rooms, consider lightweight, easy-lift cordless roller shades that can be controlled with much less strength and effort than a heavier shade like a real wood blinds or woven wood blinds. Some window treatments are definitely easier to operate than others. No matter how beautiful your blinds and shades are, they will soon lose their charm if they are difficult to open, close or tilt. Save yourself the frustration of heavy or harder-to-operate window treatments, especially if you or anyone in your household has have mobility restrictions or concerns.

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Easy-to-use blinds and window shades for those with accessibility limitations

For some people, easy-to-use window shades are more than just a creature comfort, but rather a necessity. If your mobility or dexterity is limited for any reason you may find it difficult to lift a heavy blind, to pull a cord to the far right or left, or to reach up high to retrieve a shade in the fully open position. We have a wide range of solutions for easy-to-lift window shades. Read on for more info on easy-lift shades, shades that lift with an attached push button wand, and remote and voice control shades.

A woman points a remote at a large window with wood blinds in a cozy modern kitchen.

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Easy Lift Roller Shades

Our Softlift roller shades and softlift solar shades couldn’t be easier to use. A gentle nudge upwards with one finger or a light tug down on the bottom bar is all it takes to position your roller shade exactly where you want it. No more tugging your shade all the way down before it will retract back up again. Softlift shades are quieter, easier to use, quicker to adjust, and safer around kids and pets then traditional corded shades.

Softlift roller shade

Window blinds and shades with a motorized wand attached

Shades that raise and lower with the push of a button can be the perfect option for a variety of situations. Our "Quick Press Wand" option is popular on windows in kids' rooms and on any window where the top of a window is out of reach, which can make it difficult to manually open and close a shade. The system includes a wand that is attached to the left or right side of the headrail of a shade where it hangs in place of a traditional cord control. The "Quick Press" wand has two simple buttons, one to raise your shade and one to lower it. This motorized wand option is helpful for those with limited mobility as well as for anyone with windows that so tall that the top is out of reach for manual retrieval of the shade when it is fully open. Of course, the wand is only helpful with tall windows if the top is just slightly out of reach, because the wand is attached to the top bar of the shade. For windows that are very high up we always suggest remote control shades or voice activated motorized blinds and shades. Our motorized attached “Quick Press” wand is available on roller shades, Cascade sheer shades and coming soon to select styles of Serenity® sheer shades.

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Motorized Blinds and shades

Motorized shades are by far the easiest, and most hands-off option for raising and lowering your window treatments. With the ease of pushing a button on a remote, using voice commands with Alexa, or using an app on your mobile phone, your window blinds and window shades can be adjusted with the touch of a button or even less.

A hand points a remote at a modern dining room with large windows featuring roller shades.

Going with a motorized option opens up a world of possibilities. Motorization is an option for rollers as well as our popular cellular shades, Roman shades, woven wood shades, Serenity® sheer shades, Cascade sheer shades, real wood blinds, and faux wood blinds.

Motorized blinds and shades can either have a rechargeable battery pack or you can have an electrician hardwire your shades to a switch. Our rechargeable motorized option works with a remote, with a wall mount for storage and easy location of your remote. Choose a 1 channel remote if you have just one motorized shade or blind or choose the 15 channel remote for the option to control up to 15 shades from one remote control, including syncing multiple windows, to raise and lower in unison. Our rechargeable motorized blinds and shades feature a small motor in the headrail as well as a discrete battery pack, plug the charging cord into the battery pack in your shade’s headrail to charge for a few hours every few months as needed.

Purchase a “Hub” device with your motorization package to add smart home and mobile app capabilities to your motorized windows, including voice controls to integrate with Alexa, Siri, Google Home Assistant, and more.

The Hub device sits next to a basil plant and a small stack of books on a sparsely decorated table.

The Hub, tabletop voice command receiver

Keep in mind that due to the weight of real wood blinds and faux wood blinds, adding motorization will allow you to tilt the slats open and closed but not raise the entire blind to the full up, stacked open position.

Easy-lift cordless cellular shades

Cellular shades are one of our most popular window treatments and many people are drawn to this style of shade because cellular shades are so light-weight and easy to use. Our cordless cellular shades can be adjusted to the open and closed positions by simply pulling down on the bottom bar or pushing it up and because the materials from which they are constructed are so light, all it takes is a very light touch to move them up and down.

A girl pulls down on blue cellular shades in a bedroom.

Window shades are more than just window coverings; they are integral to the way we interact with our living spaces. Choosing shades that are easy to lift not only simplifies your daily routines but also elevates the overall aesthetic and functionality of your home. Whether you opt for easy lift cordless blinds, softlift, or motorized mechanisms, the convenience, safety, and longevity they bring are sure to make a positive impact on your living environment. So, why not make the switch to shades that make you life easier?

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