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How to Dress Your Sliding Glass Door

While there are many options available, there are certain benefits and considerations to keep in mind.

While vertical blinds are the most economical window treatment for large doors and windows, their classic design does not suit every decor or customer. If you fall in this camp you may be wondering, "What are my other options for large doors and windows?" Consider vertical sheers, classic cellular shades, roller shades or interior shutters, our latest offering for glass doors.

Vertical Sheers

Vertical Sheers are a relatively new solution for large windows and glass doors. They allow light to filter in and can be tilted to reveal partial view or opened completely to reveal the entirety of your view.

A luxurious living room with huge french doors that have vertical sheers open to each side of the doors

Roller and Cellular Shades

Roller shades and cellular shades, although less common solutions for doors, are two alternatives to window treatments that open from the side or from the center. Both benefit from a low profile when you raise them up to gain access to the door, resulting in very little stacking, leaving you door free to open and close without obstruction. Depending on the width of your sliding glass door you may need to instal two shades side by side. But many people favor this configuration because it allows you to go cordless and also to leave one shade closed while only opening the shade on the side of the sliding glass door that opens.

A modern dining room showcases roller shades on large glass doors and a large window.”  alt=

Panel Tracks

Panel Tracks are a classic alternative and a “best of both worlds” situation. These are large panels of Roller Shade fabrics or Woven Wood material that slide back and forth on a track system. They combine the functionality of a vertical blind with the clean, modern look of a fabric shade instead. Of course there are some considerations, such as the stacking on one or both ends of the track. These are wide panels so they will take up more room/space when they stack.

Beige panel tracks cover a glass sliding door next to a window with matching rollershades, both done in a solar shade material.

Interior Shutters

Last but not least, consider Interior Shutters our newest solution for your sliding glass doors. These are popular on large windows because they are durable, easy to maintain and safe for pets and kids. Interior shutters curb appeal and can be installed on windows as well as glass doors for a uniform look throughout your house.

Interior shutters in the open position cover a sliding glass door in an open living room.

No matter what your personal decor style is we have a sliding glass door solution for you. Choose classic verticals in affordable vinyl or soft, decorative fabrics. Go softer and more elegant with vertical sheers or go with the clean modern look of window coverings that raise up and virtually disappear to minimal stacking, like roller and cellular shades. There are a lot of options, explore them all at Blinds To Go.

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