Open Concept – Should I Use the Same Window Treatments Throughout My Home?

You can choose the same blinds and shades within the shared space, or you can choose coordinating colors and fabrics.

Need help choosing blinds and shades for an open concept layout?

Depending on the floor plan of your home, the need to have the same window treatments can vary. Open concept floor plans are really popular these days. Every home decor TV show seems to suggest tearing down unnecessary walls in common areas to make your place feel more open. If you go with an open concept layout you may decide you want to do the same window treatments in several rooms, so that they match or you may want to mix it up and have different blinds or shades in adjoining rooms. With an open floor plan, where one room flows into the next, you can go either way. You can choose the same window treatment within the shared space, or you might prefer similar colors and fabrics.

Should I mix blinds, shades, shutters, and drapes in the same space?

One of the most important considerations when deciding whether to use the same window treatment throughout your home is your personal style. Maybe you really enjoy the modern simplicity of roller shades or perhaps you strongly prefer the classic look of shutters? Then, having them in every room will surround you with what you love. So don't forget to take your personal preferences in to account first. If you aren’t sure what blinds and shades you like, find a local Blinds To Go showroom where you can browse the options and see what speaks to you. Or check out the inspiration sections of our website: Inspiration by Room or Inspiration by Product.

But, you may prefer to style your spaces individually–matching the design of the space with the atmosphere and purpose it serves. So while your kitchen or breakfast nook can feature the design and structure of shutters, you may want a softer look like Roman shades or drapery in a living or dining room.


Want to mix different shades and blinds in the same area? Keep it light and neutral.

If you like the idea of choosing something different throughout, coordination will the be the key to success. Consider how the space flows from one room to the other. Even without an open floor plan, rooms that are adjacent should still coordinate with similar color palettes. Stick with neutral colors and you can’t go wrong. Bold patterns can a fun pop of whimsy to your decor, but in an open concept floor plan you may do best avoid to avoid wild patterns on your windows shades and curtains. When in doubt, choose calming neutrals that will move the eye throughout your space and keep your gaze from getting captured for too long on any one design element.

Keep in mind, while deciding to match or coordinate the same window treatments, you don’t want to forget function–especially when it comes to location. The location & size of your windows plays a big role in affecting your life. This is where we come in! There are some general rules to live by in the window treatment world. Like avoiding putting a faux wood blind on a super wide window. But the rules are few and we have experts to help you navigate them. Come visit us in a showroom near you for more help. Our highly trained design experts are here to guide you through all of your options to help you find the perfect window treatment to fit your style, budget, and functional needs.

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