Top Window Treatment Trends of 2024

Elevate your home with stylish and functional window treatment trends of 2024.

As the new year unfolds, we’re starting to think of ways to revamp our living space using the top design trends of 2024. But there’s one element that plays a crucial role in enhancing the aesthetic of any room: window coverings. While they may seem like a minor detail when it comes to decor, window treatments have the ability to transform an entire home.

A modern living room features day/night cellular shades of white and grey.

These versatile elements, ranging from drapery and blinds to shades and shutters, infuse functionality with aesthetics to tailor your space into a personalized sanctuary. Let’s discuss the latest window treatment trends of 2024 to help you choose the perfect way to dress your windows this year.

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Spotlight On Sustainability

As environmental consciousness continues to grow, reducing energy and using more sustainable materials has become a huge priority as it relates to window treatments. Homeowners and renters alike are embracing options that not only make their space look amazing, but also help the environment. Our top picks for going green? Cellular Shades and Bamboo Shades.

Crafted with a unique honeycomb design, Cellular Shades are an energy-efficient window treatment idea that traps air in distinct pockets, adding a layer of insulation. Available in varying degrees of efficiency, cellular shades allow you to save on heating and cooling costs by keeping intense heat from the warmer months out and trapping it in during the colder months — leading to energy savings and lower utility bills.

Made of natural materials, bamboo or woven wood shades have recently increased in popularity. Not only are these stylish window treatments gaining momentum due to their organic charm, but their renewable construction brings the beauty of the outdoors in through various weave thicknesses that allow for a variety of light control options.

A neutral contemporary dining room with woven wood shades

Neutrals Will Dominate

Amidst the move toward bold color palettes called out in the design trends of 2024, minimalism still holds its style appeal — this time around, with a cozy touch. We’re ditching the traditional whites and going for trendy window treatments that feature natural hues (think creamy whites, caramels, and earth tones). But these selections aren’t just about aesthetics; they’re all about creating a calm space as well.

Both Roman Shades and Woven Wood Shades stand the test of time when it comes to choosing stylish neutrals. Texture plays a key role in these trendy window treatments, with options ranging from smooth to woven while giving a quiet nod to sophistication.

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Black motorized blackout roller shades cover a wall of windows in a modern beach house.

Smart Solutions

Here’s a pro-tip to upgrading your home’s window treatments: create convenience. With technology enhancing at a fast pace, smart window treatments are becoming more accessible and more affordable. Available with multiple control options, these intelligent solutions can be adjusted with voice commands or the touch of a button.

Plus, while saving you the manual effort, smart window treatments offer another significant benefit: energy efficiency. Smart shades and blinds help to significantly reduce energy bills by controlling sunlight entry effectively and maintaining optimum room temperatures.

Our motorized operation is available with the following window treatments:

Whether it’s creating the perfect ambiance, contributing to energy efficiency, or making a safe space for children, smart window treatments deliver convenience and sustainability through multiple styles to fit your home’s aesthetic.

A dining room with a wall of windows features beautiful caramel-colored cascades sheer shades.

Sheer Elegance

In search of a more minimalistic window treatment idea? Sheer shades are a perfect option for introducing a delicate ambiance into any space. Available in Cascade Shades, Serenity Shades and Drapery, the beauty of this trending fabrication is in its capability to let in natural light without invading privacy.

In the past, sheer shades have been simplistic and plain. But with modern updates, the light and airy material has become more alluring and eye-catching. If a clean and modern aesthetic is your preference, we suggest styling your home with the graphic look of cascade or serenity shades. But if a designer touch is more of a priority, opt for layering your window with sheer drapery.

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Cozy velvet curtains are layered over aluminum blinds to add insulation and style.

Layered Lux

Layering is gaining traction as a sophisticated way to dress your space. The key to this 2024 window treatment trend is to combine window shades and blinds with our Custom Fit or Custom Made Drapery. This technique allows for better light control, enhanced thermal insulation and privacy while adding depth and dimension to your windows. Our professional advice? Experiment with different textures, colors and patterns to encourage a mix-and-match philosophy that offers endless design possibilities.

When selecting window treatments in 2024, you should always prioritize quality and longevity while considering your home’s aesthetic. We recommend investing in versatile and timeless window treatment ideas that can significantly enhance the overall look of your home. Whether you prefer a minimalist and eco-friendly approach or a vibrant statement, there’s a window treatment trend to suit anyone’s style.

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