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Three side-by-side windows showcase tan roman shades with the top lowered to let light in

Top-Down Bottom-Up Blinds & Shades

Why choose top-down bottom-up window treatments?

Gray top-down bottom-up cellular shades on windows above a beautiful, modern bathtub blackout roman shade darkens a modern home office
Maintain your privacy while allowing in natural light
Maintain your view while protecting your family's privacy
Customize the amount of light and privacy your window treatments allow

Window treatments that are available with top-down bottom-up:

Roman Shades and Cellular Shades

Top-Down Bottom-Up is a popular feature available in our Cellular Shades and Roman Shades.  This feature allows your shade to be lowered from the top and raised from the bottom, providing you both privacy and light control.

Pull your shade halfway up from the bottom and allow natural light in while maintaining privacy and preserving your view of the outdoors.  It’s a unique window treatment like no other providing natural light/privacy and view control all in one. 

A bedroom features blackout cellular shades with top-down bottom-up option

Cellular Shades

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A blue and grey marbled fabric roman shade adds beauty and interest to a bathroom vanity window, the top is down allowing light in but providing privacy

Roman Shades

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