Cellular shades above a bath tub feature the top-down mechanism.

Bathroom Window Treatments

Factors to consider when choosing bathroom blinds or shutters

Naturally inspired woven wood material roller shade adds warmth to a mostly-white, spacious bathroom
The amount of natural light that comes in and how much light you want to block
Ventilation and humidity, if there is a bath or shower
Ease of maintenance and cleaning
Styles that match your bathroom decor

Best choices for bathroom windows

Faux Wood, Vinyl Mini Blinds, Roller Shades, Cellular Shades, Ideal Shutters.
Practicality is paramount when choosing window treatments for a bathroom.  Along with privacy, consider window treatments that can withstand humidity and moisture.  Faux wood, vinyl mini blinds and roller shades are most popular for bathrooms since they are durable, withstand moisture and less prone to warping, chipping or cracking. 
Our new faux wood Ideal Shutters are functional and practical for bathrooms while providing a sophisticated, clean look.  These window treatments are moisture resistant, provide privacy and tilt for customizable light control.  Enjoy the look of traditional plantation shutters with durability that far surpasses that of natural wood shutters.
Light-weight fabrics such as cellular shades with Top-down-bottom-up are ideal for windows near a bathtub where you need privacy but also want some light to come in while preserving your view.

Bathroom Blinds To Avoid

Real wood shutters and blinds can absorb moisture over time making them less hardy in humid areas.
Solar shades become transparent when it is dark outside and your home is lit from within.
Heavy fabrics on curtains and Roman Shades encourage mold and mildew growth.
White faux wood blinds cover two windows behind a large modern tub in a contemporary bathroom.

Faux Wood Blinds

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White vinyl mini blinds cover windows in an open position with a small potted palm plant in the foreground


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A modern bathroom with a free standing tub and glass shower has three windows covered with roller shades behind the tub

Roller Shades

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Cellular shades with top-down bottom-up option reveal the top of a large double window behind a modern bathtub

Cellular Shades

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