White roller shades cover a large window over a kitchen sink.

Kitchen Window Treatments

Factors to consider when choosing Kitchen blinds or shades:

White aluminum mini blinds hang above a large sink in a contemporary kitchen.
Humidity and ventilation
Durability and ease to clean
Proximity to faucets or heating elements
Styles that match your kitchen style and décor

Best Choices for Kitchen Window Treatments:

Aluminum Mini Blinds, Shutters, Vertical Blinds,  Vinyl Roller Shades,  Solar Shades, Faux Wood Binds,  Woven Wood Shades, Roman Shades

When picking a window treatment for your kitchen, consider both the decor of the room as well as the proximity to moisture and heating elements. Consider, also, the ease with which different window treatments can be cleaned.

Faux wood blinds are a fitting choice for windows above the sink.  They are moisture resistant, durable and easy to clean all while offering superior light control.  Vinyl roller shades,  aluminum blinds, solar shades and shutters are also popular choices for kitchens since they withstand extreme temperature and are easy to wipe clean.

If your kitchen gets a lot of sun consider  solar shades. The perfect modern window treatment for rooms where privacy is not an issue, solar shades reduce heat and light while preserving your view.

Roman shades and woven shades will add elegance and character to your kitchen but are not recommended for windows close to faucets or heating elements.

White shutters in a modern kitchen are tilted open to reveal dusk outside

MorView Shutters

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A black solar shade in a modern white kitchen, in the down position, allows a full view of the outdoors.

Solar Shades

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An open modern kitchen with large windows has faux woods blinds covering the windows behind the sink

Faux Wood Blinds

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Roller shades in a contemporary kitchen and adjoining dining area

Roller Shades

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