A window featuring white faux wood blinds reveals the view of a spacious yard above large breakfast nook

Custom Faux Wood Blinds

Our custom faux wood window and door blinds are a durable and versatile solution for your home.  Furnish your space in style with an economical alternative that delivers the look and beauty of real wood blinds, while staying on budget.  Along with a large selection of styles and colors, we offer several options to customize our faux wood blinds to your specific needs, such as cordless, motorized tilt, 2-on-1, decorative valances and fabric tapes.

Furnish your space in style with an economical alternative that delivers the look and beauty of real wood blinds, while staying on budget.  Along with a large selection of styles and colors, we offer several options to customize our faux wood blinds, such as cordless, motorized, 2-on-1, decorative valances and fabric tapes.

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Advantages of Faux Wood Blinds

Grey faux wood blinds in a cozy family room with a fireplace and dark grey walls


Faux wood blinds are constructed from composite PVC, making them extremely durable. Our materials are non-toxic, UV tested for fade-resistance and less prone to warping, chipping or cracking.  The durability of faux wood blinds makes them ideal for areas with high humidity and direct sunlight, such as bathrooms and sunrooms.

White faux wood blinds cover two windows behind a large modern tub in a contemporary bathroom

Moisture Resistant

Unlike real wood, faux wood blinds will not absorb moisture.  Composite PVC material makes our faux wood ideal for wet or steamy areas, such as bathrooms and kitchens, while still providing the privacy and light control you desire at a reasonable price.

Two dark grey faux wood blinds share one head rail in a contemporary home office

Beauty of Wood

Our faux wood blinds come in smooth and natural wood grain finishes, giving them the feel and warmth of real wood at a reasonable price.  Faux wood blinds are available in an extensive variety of colors and finishes; neutrals, whites and wood tones such as walnut, cherry, maple and golden oak.

The Faux Wood Blinds Collection

Contoured Faux Wood

These budget-friendly blinds can be purchased online and in select stores. Available in a white with a cordless mechanism, they feature a unique design that eliminates tilting wands or cords; open and close the slats with a simple tilt of the bottom bar.

Starting at $44 USD | $57 CAD

Cordless Classic Replica Lite

The Classic Replica Lite is a simple and cost-effective choice, available in a white finish with a cordless mechanism. Our Cordless Classic Replica Lite comes with a standard flat valance and square bottom bar.

Starting at $55 USD | $63 CAD

Wood Tones Lite

Made of a new lightweight PVC, the Wood Tones Lite collection is easier to operate than traditional blinds. Choose from a wide variety of neutral colors, embossed textures, and stylish fabric tapes.

Wood Tones Lite Collection

Starting at $74 USD | $86 CAD

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Wood Tones Lite Antique
Wood Tones Lite Bright White
Bright White
Wood Tones Lite Dim Grey
Dim Grey
Wood Tones Lite Oyster
Wood Tones Lite Silk
Wood Tones Lite White
Wood Tones Lite Espresso II
Espresso II
Wood Tones Lite Hazelnut
Wood Tones Lite Birch
Wood Tones Lite Charcoal

Aire Wood

Engineered of PVC with air pockets, our Aire Wood blinds are the lightest in weight of our faux wood collection. Available in a large selection of neutrals and natural woodgrain finishes, they can be upgraded with a designer valance, a trapezoid-shaped bottom bar and stylish fabric tape accents.

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Aire Wood Collection

Starting at $84 USD | $97 CAD

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Aire Wood Bright White
Bright White
Aire Wood Fresh Linen
Fresh Linen
Aire Wood Oyster
Aire Wood Titanium
Aire Wood Driftwood
Aire Wood Teak
Aire Wood Chalk Gray
Chalk Gray
Aire Wood Ash
Aire Wood Golden Oak
Golden Oak
Aire Wood Maple
Aire Wood Walnut
Aire Wood Dark Cherry
Dark Cherry

Customize Faux Wood Blinds According to Your Needs


Add the convenience of tilting the slats of your binds open and close with a touch of a button. This feature is compatible with a single blind or multiple blinds on adjacent windows. The motorized tilt feature is a great option for those hard to reach windows.

Cord Tilter

Tilt your blinds open and shut quickly and easily with the pull of a cord. Cord tilters are durable and great for larger blinds.

Wand Tilter

Achieve an aesthetically pleasing look with fewer cords and uncompromised functionality. Adding a wand tilter allows you to keep both cord lift and tilt on the same side of the blind.


Create a clean look by eliminating the cords on your faux wood blinds. Our cordless option helps keep kids and pets safe.

Fabric Tape

Accent your blind by adding a decorative fabric tape from our selection that will enhance your décor.


Choose our intimacy feature and your blinds will be constructed with no pinholes in the slats, giving you maximum privacy, keeping out more light during the day and providing optimal insulation.


An ideal solution for side-by-side windows, two blinds on one headrail provides a clean look along with the ability to operate the two blinds separately.


Three blinds on one headrail is an elegant solution for large side-by-side windows. This option provides a clean, uncluttered look and the ability to operate each blind independently, making it easier to raise and lower.


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Faux Wood Blinds FAQ

What is the difference between Faux Wood Blinds and Real Wood Blinds?

Faux wood blinds are made out of composite PVC, which makes it more durable. Faux Wood stands up well to everyday wear and tear such as fading, chipping, cracking, or warping and is resistant to moisture, which makes them perfect for Kitchen and Bathroom windows. Another difference is the cost. Faux wood blinds resemble the genuine look of wood at a more affordable price. Faux wood is significantly less expensive than real wood blinds but can be a bit heavier when lifting up and down depending on the style.

How do I clean my Faux Wood Blinds?

Faux wood blinds should be dusted and or vacuumed to keep them looking their best. They can also be wiped with a very mild solution of soap and warm water.

What is the difference between "inside mount" and "outside mount"?

With an inside mount the blind fits within the window opening, giving a generally cleaner look that is flush with the wall. With an outside mount the blind is mounted above the window frame, which is necessary when there isn't enough depth within the window to mount the blinds.

How much Depth do I need for an Inside Mount?

At least 3½" of depth is required for faux wood blinds to be fully flush with your window. If you have less than 1” it is best to do an outside mount.