Resistent to warping or fading. Faux wood blind for windows next to  a shower

Wood Tones

Faux Wood Blinds

Our Wood Tones collection is made out of PVC which makes it durable in humid spaces and easy to clean (i.e. bathroom or kitchen). For those seeking a real wood look, this style offers just that at an affordable price range. Available in a wide variety of colors (solid or embossed) the wood tones line also has many designer options including a decorative valance, an upgraded bottom bar, and stylish fabric tape.
Affordable pricing, budget friendly faux wood blind

Low cost

Custom faux wood blinds keeps light out to darkens any room

Room Darkening

Faux wood blinds tilted shut provides privacy


Custom faux wood comes in a large selection on colors

Wide Variety of Colors

Faux wood blinds are easy to clean and maintain.

Easy To Clean

Faux wood blinds are resistent to warping, fading,everyday wear and tear


Available Colors

Wood Tones White
Wood Tones Silk
Wood Tones Bright white
Bright white
Wood Tones Pearl
Wood Tones Antique
Wood Tones Oyster
Wood Tones Birch
Wood Tones Mahogany
Wood Tones Dim Grey
Dim Grey

Available Options

Cord tilter mechanism.

Cord Tilter

Wand tilter mechanism

Wand Tilter

Decorative fabric tape option.

Fabric Tape

Intimacy option


Designer valance option

Designer Valance

Regular valance option

Regular Valance

Blind mechanism position, wand tilter on the left and pull cords on the right.

Tilter Left Cords Right

Blind mechanism position, pull cords on the left and wand tilter on the right.

Tilter Right Cords Left