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A beautiful light grey bedroom with grey Cascade Sheer Shades in the down and open position

Cascade Custom Sheer Shades

Cascade custom sheer shades are our most innovative product yet, combining the soft, elegant look of shades with the functionality of blinds.  Also called dual or zebra shades, Cascade sheer shades are made of a continuous loop of fabric comprised of alternating sheer and opaque horizontal stripes. These hybrid shades can darken a room or allow the room to fill with light, depending on the materials and style you choose.

Cascade custom sheer shades combine the soft, elegant look of shades along with the functionality of blinds.  Made up of a continuous loop of fabric that is comprised of alternating sheer and opaque horizontal stripes, which allow unlimited light-control and customization.

See what makes Cascade Shades so unique.

Cascade Sheer Shade Advantages

A grey and white dining room with a large window features a grey Cascade Sheer Shade halfway down in the open position


Cascade sheer window treatments are available in a large selection of solid and textured materials with colors ranging from light to dark. Choose styles with contrasting stripes for window treatments that stand out and make a bold statement.  These shades are stunning, versatile, and sure to complement your decor whether modern, contemporary or transitional.

A small window in a light-colored, contemporary living room features a white Cascade sheer shade positioned all the way down with stripes positioned in the closed position


Our most innovative style gives you the light control of a blind with the soft modern elegance of a shade. Cascade sheer fabric shades allow you to choose varying degrees of privacy and light control. Adjust the position of the alternating stripes on our unique fabric to darken the room, let light flood in or let in just enough light to add a soft glow in your room.

The window in a grey-colored bedroom features a white Cascade shade in halfway down position, allowing partial view of the outside


Due to their lightweight fabric construction, our Cascade Shades are much easier to raise and lower than traditional blinds. Roller shade functionality allows our sheer window shades to virtually disappear when rolled up without the stacking that occurs with horizontal blinds.

Light-Filtering and Blackout

Light shines through two windows, that are covered with white Cascade sheer shades in a contemporary bedroom.

Light-Filtering Cascade Shades

Our light-filtering sheer shades offer partial privacy while allowing soft sunlight to diffuse through the fabric and illuminate your room.

Cascade XL

Offered in popular neutral colors, Cascade XL features 3” solid fabric stripes alternating with 2” stripes of sheer mesh with faint horizontal and vertical lines. Cascade XL is currently the only group from the Cascade line that is available for purchase online.

Cascade Powder
Cascade Snow
Cascade Grey
Cascade Black

Cascade Elegance XL

This collection offers a smooth, sateen finish. It features a clean solid 3” panel alternating between clear 2” sheer mesh material with faint horizontal lines. Available in our showrooms or by phone at 1-800-BLINDS-7.

Cascade Elegance Cloud
Cascade Elegance
Cascade Elegance Icicle
Cascade Elegance
Cascade Elegance Eclipse
Cascade Elegance
Cascade Elegance Mocha
Cascade Elegance

Cascade Elegance Linen XL

These shades feature a sheer panel of clear, soft mesh paired with 4½” solid fabric textured panels alternating between fine 3¼” sheer material. This collection offers subtle linen-like texture in beautiful, neutral colors. Available in our showrooms or by phone at 1-800-BLINDS-7.

Cascade Elegance Linen Wheat
Cascade Elegance Linen Bronze
Cascade Elegance Linen Smoke
Cascade Elegance Linen Chocolate

Cascade Elegance Linen II XL

This collection expands our Linen collection to include soft, white tones with the same sheer panel of clear, soft 3¼” mesh paired with 4½” solid fabric panels with linen-like texture. Available in our showrooms or by phone at 1-800-BLINDS-7.

Cascade Elegance Linen II Lace
Cascade Elegance Linen II Porcelain

Cascade Olivia XL

Our Olivia Designer Collection features 3” solid panels and alternating 2” sheer materials with horizontal lines. Similar to our Elegance Linen Collection but with thinner fabric strips. Available in our showrooms or by phone at 1-800-BLINDS-7.

Cascade Olivia Coal

Cascade Santa Fe XL

Our Santa Fe Designer Collection features 3” wide fabric stripes with a subtle vertical chevron texture in gorgeous neutral tones that alternate with 2” panels of sheer fine mesh material. Available in our showrooms or by phone at 1-800-BLINDS-7.

Cascade Santa Fe Marble
Cascade Santa Fe Almond
Toasted Almond
A room featuring room-darkening Cascade shades in a halfway down position, blocks the majority of the light in a contemporary living room

Room-Darkening Cascade Shades

Create a cozy and comfortable environment for sleeping and reduce direct sun glare in the room. Room-darkening window shades enhance privacy and block most of the light coming into the room.

Cascade XL Room-Darkening

Similar to our Cascade Elegance Linen Collection, our Room-Darkening Collection features large 4½” fabric panels alternating with a 3¼” sheer mesh. These larger, tightly woven, solid fabric stripes, coupled with smaller mesh panels block much more light in their closed position than all of the other Cascade Sheer window shades.

Cascade RD Antique Beige
Antique Beige
Cascade RD Charcoal
Cascade RD Espresso
Cascade RD Platinum WH
Platinum White

Customize Your Cascade Shades According to Your Needs


Select the cordless option for your sheer window shades for a clean look that eliminates cords and creates a safe environment for kids and pets. Available in select stores.


Add the convenience of operating your shades with a touch of a button to raise and lower multiple windows right next to each other or for those hard to reach widows.

Color-matched or silver sidewinder cord

The sidewinder is a continuous loop pull designed for simple operation and is especially useful for large windows. The chain pull is color-matched to your fabric window shades, and can be upgraded to a silver chain pull.

See the Versatility of Cascade Sheer Shades

Cascade Sheer Shades FAQ

What makes sheer shades different?

Our sheer shades are made up of one continuous loop of fabric with alternating horizontal transparent and opaque strips that hang from a headrail in a way that gives the look of 2 layers of fabric that can be positioned in many different ways to allow for various amounts of light-control and privacy. Our Sheer Shades are offered in either light-filtering or room-darkening fabrics.

How much depth do you need to mount Sheer Shades?

The headrail for our sheer shades are approximately 3½" deep, so you will need at least 3½" for a flush mount. Any depth less than 3¼" will cause the headrail to protrude out from the inside of the window.

Sheer Shades look delicate, can I put Sheer Shades in the Bathroom or Kitchen?

While sheer shade fabrics are quite delicate, you can still put them in the bathroom or kitchen, depending on where the window is located and what your daily use will be for the shades. Cleaning must be done with care so that you don't rip the material, which is the main difference between sheer shades and shades made of sturdier materials like wood, metal or wood composite.

How to Purchase

Skylight shades are available to purchase at your local Blinds To Go showroom. Each showroom is filled with highly trained design consultants that can further assist you with your shade purchase.

For additional information, please call 1-800-254-6377

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