Top down bottom up cordless designer cellular shades in a master bedroom complete this modern decor scheme.

Cellular Shades

The Cellular Shades are one of our most sought-after product lines due to its versatility, functionality, and contemporary style. Our cellular shades have a unique honeycomb design making them very energy efficient; prevent air from entering or escaping via windows thus keeping your home’s internal temperature consistent. With a large color selection and bold designs, our cellular shades are a customer favorite.
Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient

Our most energy efficient product offers varying degrees of efficiency based on the style
Light Filtering & Blackout

Light Filtering & Blackout

Fabrics available in both light filtering and blackout styles


Large selection of options and colors including popular neutrals and bold vibrant colors, make it a must have for any room

The Cellular Shade Collections

Classic new

Key Features

  • Exclusively in cordless
  • Popular neutral colors
  • Light filtering and Blackout

More Info

8 colors
  • Cordless Classic Light Filtering  3/4 White
  • Cordless Classic Light Filtering  3/4 Wheat
  • Cordless Classic Light Filtering  3/4 Off White
  • Cordless Classic Light Filtering  3/4 Gray
  • Cordless Classic Blackout 3/4 White
  • Cordless Classic Blackout 3/4 Wheat
  • Cordless Classic Blackout 3/4 Off White
Our Classic cellular window treatment comes in both light filtering and blackout

Smartcell II

Key Features

  • Bold vibrant colors
  • High thread count
  • 3/4" pleat size

More Info

16 colors
  • Smartcell II LIGHT FILTERING 3/4 Bamboo
  • Smartcell II LIGHT FILTERING 3/4 Pure White
  • Smartcell II LIGHT FILTERING 3/4 Spun Cotton
  • Smartcell II LIGHT FILTERING 3/4 Sticks and Stones
  • Smartcell II LIGHT FILTERING 3/4 Warm Cocoa
  • Smartcell II LIGHT FILTERING 3/4 Antique Pewter
  • Smartcell II LIGHT FILTERING 3/4 Natural Gray
This custom cellular shade provides a clean and finished look for any room


Key Features

  • Premier neutral colors
  • Sleek contoured headrail
  • High thread count

More Info

33 colors
  • Prestige II Blackout 3/4 Muslin
  • Prestige II Blackout 3/4 Decorators White
  • Prestige II Blackout 3/4 French Canvas
  • Prestige II Blackout 3/4 HillsboroughBei.
  • Prestige II Blackout 3/4 Pebble Beach
  • Prestige II Blackout 3/4 Stone
  • Prestige II Blackout 3/4 Van Duesen Blue
Prestige cellular shades top down bottom up for bay windows looks sleek and flawless in this space


Key Features

  • Inspirational patterns
  • Versatile color selection
  • Sleek contoured headrail

More Info

23 colors
  • Borgata II Feather Down
  • Borgata II Mesa Verde Tan
  • Borgata II Pale Almond
  • Mandalay II Mohair
  • Mandalay II Sterling
  • Mandalay II Blackout Moccasin
  • Mandalay II Blackout Sterling
Cordless cellular shade as one piece for this family room french doors



Cellular Shades FAQ

What are the benefits of Cellular Shades?

Cellular shades or honeycomb shades are known to be energy efficient. This means they help keep your room warmer in the winter time and cooler in the summer time. The cells help trap the air making this great insulators.
Available in a variety of color selection for either light filtering or blackout, you can also choose from a 3/8 or 3/4 pleat size. Cellular shades are available in top down bottom up or cordless. The cordless option is much safer for children so they can't get caught on any cords. The top down bottom up option allows you to let light in but still have some privacy.

Why do Cellular Shades have a white back?

Having a white backing on your cellular shades allows you to choose any color for each room but still gives a uniformed look from the outside.

Does the pleat size matter for insulating with Cellular Shades?

The 3/4” cellular shade pleat size insulates slightly better because it traps more air. If you like the look of the 3/8 but need more insulation, consider looking at the cellular double cell shades.