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A dining room features large windows with top-down bottom-up pleated shades

Custom Pleated Shades

Soft, simple, modern, and affordable, custom pleated shades come in a wide variety of fabrics including subtle textures, vibrant patterns and neutral solid colors.  Pleated window shades are a modern and functional window treatment that pair beautifully with drapery for a dressier look.  

Soft, simple, modern, and affordable, custom pleated shades are a modern window treatment that pair beautifully with drapery for a dressier look.

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Pleated Shades Advantages

Grey pleated shades partially cover bay windows in a breakfast nook


Pleated shades are perfect on standard windows, glass doors, and bay windows.  Choose "top-down bottom-up" pleated shades for customized privacy and light control or add cordless motorized control for an elegant solution to the problem of hard to reach windows.

Light grey pleated shades cover a window in a small home office.


The fabrics in this collection range from budget-friendly, casual materials to the dressier, textured 2” grand pleats.  They can make a bold statement or blend in depending on the fabric choice.  Material options include sheer, semi-private or with a room-darkening liner for more privacy and a good night sleep. 

A close up of white pleated shades halfway down on a window

Clean aesthetics

Both the Classic 1" and 2" Grand Pleat collections feature a slim headrail design and fabric that stacks compactly when your blinds are pulled up all the way, giving full view of the outdoors.  These shades are functional and practical and will give your home a clean look.

Pleated Shades Collection

Classic 1" Pleat

Budget friendly, with a modern look, our Classic 1” pleated shades are offered in an array of neutral colors, patterns and subtle textures.

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Classic 1"

Starting at $79 USD | $81 CAD

Allow soft natural light to filter through with our versatile selection of Pleated Shades fabrics and add a touch of character to any room.

Satinee Solid White 9227
Satinee Solid
White 9227
Satinee Solid Cream 4771
Satinee Solid
Cream 4771
Satinee Solid Tan 7113
Satinee Solid
Tan 7113

Masquerade Solid White 9290
Masquerade Solid
White 9290
Masquerade Solid Powder 9196
Masquerade Solid
Powder 9196
Masquerade Solid Buff 9309
Masquerade Solid
Buff 9309

Crush Cream
Crush Vanilla
Crush Snow

Sophie Oatmeal
Sophie Beech
Sophie Barley

Rosalie Linen White
Linen White
Rosalie Brandy Cream
Brandy Cream

Ballet Beige
Ballet Charbrown

Versailles Pearl
Versailles Almond

Bella White

Linen Shadow White
Shadow White
Linen Meringue
Linen Sand

Linen Taupe
Linen Truffle

2" Grand Pleat

Our larger sized 2” pleats offer an elegant look for your room. This selection includes our most popular neutral colors with natural textures.

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2" Grand Pleat

Starting at $79 USD | $81 CAD

A larger 2" pleat lends a dressier look to the Grand Pleat collection.

Sierra Grand Pleat White
Sierra GP
Sierra Grand Pleat Stone
Sierra GP
Sierra Grand Pleat Espresso
Sierra GP
Nairobi Linen White
Nairobi GP
Linen White
Nairobi Fancy Beige
Nairobi GP
Fancy Beige
Nairobi Silver Fox
Nairobi GP
Silver Fox

Customize According to Your Needs

  • Motorization, raise/lower your shades with the touch of a button.
  • Smartlift, a continuous loop pull cord that is great for large windows.
  • Top-Down Bottom-Up, raise your shade from the top as well as the bottom.
  • 2-on-1 or 3-on-1, combine multiple shades on one headrail on side-by-side windows.
  • Room-darkening liner, block light and add privacy.

Customer Reviews

Pleated shades FAQ

What are the benefits of pleated shades?

Pleated shades are a cost effective way to dress up any room. They are constructed with one layer fabric allowing for less stacking, which is a nice feature for taller windows.

What are the main differences between pleated shades vs cellular shades?

Pleated shades are less expensive than cellular shades but they also provide less insulation than cellular shades. Visible cords run vertically through the pleated shades fabric while cords are concealed inside the cellular shades. All pleated shades have a color matched-back while cellular shades all have a white back. You can add a liner to the pleated shades if you need a white back.

How do I clean my pleated shades?

Our pleated shades are treated with a stain repellent to help prevent stains but you may want to occasionally vacuum the surface or wipe with a damp sponge containing a very mild solution of soap and warm water to spot clean.