Top down bottom up pleated shades in a recently redesigned dining room, using a modern decor scheme. Shades were purchased at Blinds To Go.

Pleated Shades

Soft, simple, yet modern, our affordably priced Pleated Shades are a highly popular choice varying window shapes and spaces of all kinds. This shades detail a gradient of colors, from subtle neutrals to the most vibrant colors. With our pleated shades you can choose from designs and textures that is sure to coax the charm out of any space in your home.
2 Pleat Sizes

2 Pleat Sizes

Pleat sizes available in 1” and 2”
Variety of Fabrics

Variety of Fabrics

A complete collection of solid and textured fabrics
Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Take advantage of our soft bold fabrics, at a low cost

The Pleated Shade Collections

Solid Fabrics

Key Features

  • Bold color selection
  • Budget friendly option
  • Has 1" pleat size

More Info

3 colors
  • Satinee Solid White 9227
  • Satinee Solid Cream 4771
  • Satinee Solid Tan 7113
This blue pleated shade really stands out in this family room, compared to most other window treatments.

Textured Fabrics

Key Features

  • Modern elegant textures
  • Versatile color selection
  • Allows soft natural light to filter through

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14 colors
  • Crush Cream
  • Crush Vanilla
  • Crush Snow
  • Masquerade Solid White 9290
  • Masquerade Solid Powder 9196
  • Masquerade Solid Buff 9309
  • Linen Shadow White
The den is a perfect spot to install a pleated shade due to the versatility of the shade.

Designer Fabrics

Key Features

  • Bold beautiful designs
  • Modern & formal patterns
  • Wide variety of colors

More Info

11 colors
  • Bella White
  • Ballet Beige
  • Ballet Charbrown
  • Rosalie Linen White
  • Rosalie Brandy Cream
  • Cordless Mini 1" Alabaster
  • Cordless Mini 1" Gray
The blackout liner on these foliage pleated shades help keep light out of this den.

Grand Pleat

Key Features

  • Natural and modern fabrics
  • 2" pleat size
  • All the popular options

More Info

7 colors
  • Masquerade Grand Pleat Powder
  • SierraGrnPlt White
  • SierraGrnPlt Stone
  • SierraGrnPlt Espresso
  • Nairobi Linen White
  • Nairobi Fancy Beige
  • Nairobi Silver Fox
The grand pleat pleated shade gives this room a lot of character.


Woven Wood Shades FAQ

What are the benefits of Pleated Shades?

Pleated shades are a cost effective way to dress up any room. It’s a one layer fabric allowing for less stacking with taller windows. Pleated shades have different colors and fabrics to choose from whether solids, textures, or patterns.
All pleated shades are light filtering but you can add a liner for room darkening. Customized options also include 1” or 2” pleat size, cordless, top down bottom up, or 2on1.

What are some differences between Pleated Shades vs Cellular Shades?

  • Cost: Pleated shades are less expensive than cellular shades
  • Insulation: Cellular Shades insulates the best
  • Cords: Cords run vertically through the pleated shades fabric while cords run inside the cellular shades
  • Stacking: Pleated shades only has one layer of fabric making stacking minimal for taller windows
  • Styles: Pleated Shades have more fabric pattern and texture options than cellular shades
  • Backing: All pleated shade have a color matching back while cellular shades all have a white back. You can add a liner to the pleated shades if you need a white back.

How do I clean my Pleated Shades?

Our pleated shades are treated with a stain repellent to help prevent stains. To maintain the fine quality look of the shade, occasionally vacuum the surface or wipe with a damp sponge containing a very mild solution of soap and warm water.