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Serenity Sheer Shades

Witness the soft, signature glow from these elegant sheer shades and you'll know how they got their name. Learn More
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About Serenity Sheer Shades

Our Serenity sheer shades are a hybrid between horizontal blinds and the soft, sophisticated look of drapery. They function like classic blinds yet have slats made of lightweight fabric, encased in a sheer outer layer of fabric. Serenity horizontal sheer shades allow light to pour in when your blinds are tilted in the open position and they virtually disappear when the shade is rolled up. Our Serenity sheer shades can also darken a room depending on the style you choose.

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Advantages of Serenity Sheer Shades

Fabric slats encased in layers of luxurious sheer fabric provide the light control and privacy of traditional blinds, with the softness of beautiful, elegant drapery. Serenity sheer shades boast a unique soft look and are truly a show stopping window treatment. They tilt like traditional blinds to let in natural light while adding an elegant filter to your view of the outside.

Custom Features

Room Darkening
Create a cozy and comfortable environment for sleeping and reduce direct sun glare in the room. Room-darkening window shades enhance privacy and block most of the light coming into the room.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Serenity Sheer Shades compare to more traditional window treatments?
Serenity Sheer Shades are similar to traditional slated blinds, in how you tilt the slats, however the slats are made of light fabric instead of a heavy rigid material like wood, metal or faux wood. Serenity Sheer Shades are similar to roller shades in the way that they roll up and virtually disappear when in the fully open and up position. Like sheer drapery, Serenity Sheer Shades can provide a full view of the outside through sheer fabric when in their down/open position, but with the added bonus of being able to tilte them closed and close out the view, provide privacy and allow you to control the light coming in through your shades.

LIfetime Warranty

Blinds To Go is proud to extend a lifetime warranty on all custom-made products. All custom-made products are warrantied to be free from manufacturing defects in materials, mechanisms (cord locks and tilt gears) and components (brackets, wands, caps, etc.) which make up the blind or shade. For more information about our warranty, click here. Serenity Sheer Shades