The solar shades are a revolutionary line of shades with a variation of colors and designs that will bring a modern/sleek look to any space in your home. Our solar shades are designed to block glare and to reduce the UV rays entering your home, making these shades highly energy efficient and eco-friendly.
Modern Design

Modern Design

"Variation of modern colors and patterns to choose from "
Reduce UV

Reduce UV

Designed to protect against harmful UV rays from damaging interior of home and keeping out annoying glare
Keep the View

Keep the View

Can see through the shade letting you take advantage of the functionally without losing the view

The Solar Shade Collections

10% Basic

Key Features

  • Large color selection
  • Durable & easy to clean
  • All shades have a 10% weave

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4 colors
  • Tokyo Coconut
  • Tokyo Irish Cream
  • Tokyo English Breakfast
  • Tokyo Ice
The perfect window treatment to finish this redesigned dining was the Tokyo weave solar shades in a tan color

5% Eco

Key Features

  • All shades have a 5% weave
  • Large color selection
  • Durable & easy to clean

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6 colors
  • Milan Foam
  • Milan French Vanilla
  • Miami Mocha
  • Miami Chocolate
  • Miami Grey Mist
  • Miami Black
Over the sink is a prefect spot for this black solar shade helping keep out the heat.

Designer Fabrics

Key Features

  • Modern elegant textures
  • Versatile neutral colors
  • Offered with premier features

More Info

14 colors
  • Dubai - 3 Percent Peppermint
  • Dubai - 3 Percent Earl Grey
  • Dubai - 3 Percent Latte
  • Dubai - 3 Percent Iced Coffee
  • Manhattan White Choclate
  • Manhattan Macchiato
  • Manhattan Café au Lait
Barcelona Designer Solar Shade


Solar Shades FAQ

What are the benefits of Solar Shades?

Benefits of Solar Shades includes:
  • UV Protection
  • Reduces Glare
  • Reduces Heat Gain
  • Maintain the outside view

What is Openness Factor for Solar Shades?

This means how tightly woven the material is. For example, 10% openness ( High OF) allows more light in therefore maintaining a better view while a 3% (Low OF) reduces glare better and offers more privacy.

How do I clean my Solar Shades

To keep your solar shades clean occasionally vacuum the surface or wipe with a damp sponge containing a very mild solution of soap and warm water. All our solar shades are made using a vinyl polyester weave that makes them durable and easy to maintain.