These woven wood shades help dress up the dining room while still keeping the great view of the lake

Woven Wood Shades

Looking to make a statement in you space? Then the natural, warm, feel of our woven wood shades will do just that for you. Our woven wood shades offer a wide selection of colors, styles, textures, and options you can bring the inspiration of nature indoors.
Natures Finest Materials

Natures Finest Materials

Composed of bamboo reeds, jute and/or grasses with a variety of colors to chose from.


Choose between 2 fold types, 3 valance options, 2 liner options, and more.
Eco Friendly

Eco Friendly

One of many Blinds To Go eco friendly products.

The Woven Wood Shade Collections


Key Features

  • Versatile neutral colors
  • Made from real bamboo
  • Brings a warm earthy feel into home

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7 colors
  • Fiji Bamboo
  • Fiji Walnut
  • Palau Caraway
  • Trinidad Café
  • Catalina Sea Salt
  • KeyWest Dark Walnut
  • KeyWest Pecan
Dark brown woven wood shades sprucing up the breakfast nook. A simple yet elegant window treatment option from Blinds To Go

Bamboo Grass Collection

Key Features

  • Made from jute and woven grass
  • Gives room tropical feel
  • Rich and distinctive texture

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5 colors
  • Cordless Mini 1" Alabaster
  • Cordless Mini 1" Gray
  • Cordless Mini 1" White
  •  Ibiza Cocoa
  • StTropez Warm Oak
Golden brown woven wood shades help accent this dining room.

Bamboo & Wood Reeds Collection

Key Features

  • Made from bamboo reeds
  • Offers privacy
  • Natural elegant shades

More Info

1 colors
  • Cozumel Ginger
These rich mahogany woven wood shades are the perfect window treatments for any family room.



Woven Wood Shades FAQ

What are the benefits of Woven Wood Shades?

Woven wood shades add a casual and natural feel to your décor. An Eco-Friendly option, you can choose from a variety of colors and styles such as bamboo reeds, jutes, and/or grasses.
Woven wood shades allow light to come in and offers moderate privacy depending on which style you pick. You can customize these shades to fit your needs. This includes adding a liner whether light filtering (for privacy) or blackout (to darken a room), 2 fold types, and 3 valance options.

Will my woven wood shades look similar to the samples or displays?

Since all our woven wood shades are made from natural bamboo materials, each product will be unique. Individual styles will have the natural imperfections and colors which makes it rich with texture and have an earthly appeal.

What are some considerations when buying Woven Wood Shades?

Considerations include the following:
  • For larger windows, the shades will be heavy to lift up and down.
  • You need at least 2”depth for the shades to be flushed to the window. You can still mount the shades securely with 1” depth.
  • There will always be natural imperfections for each style.